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Recommending o­nly the Best Resources!



Register your Domain Name

Domain registration with Network Solutions costs you $35 per year! And their service has been less than good!

Now you can get you own domain for much less and with more features! There is absolutely no difference between the Domain with Network Solutions and the services we recommend here. Except, now Network Solutions no longer holds a monopoly.  Now you can get excellent services and much enhanced tools to assist you at a way better price with some of our recommended services below: for $15.00 p.a.

Not the cheapest, but with a lot of great Free Features, including,

Domain Redirecting

directNIC offers the option of automatic redirecting of domains. Through this option you may redirect your domain names to any web pages of your choice.

Email Forwarding

You can forward email going to to any email address you like, including popular free email services! You can even set up virtual addresses, such as or and have the email forwarded to different addresses! 

Free Web Site Hosting

You can even create and upload your own web site o­nto their server free, in exchange for advertising. You can enroll in this service using any or all of your directNIC domain names, and you can even set up unlimited virtual hosts underneath each domain name!

Back to Top for $13.50 p.a.

Your domain name registration will be completed instantly, and will show-up in a WHOIS search within 24 hours. gives you instant access to your domain registration information, and makes the maintenance and updates a piece of cake. You don't have to update each single domain's data o­ne by o­ne anymore.

You can use their Bulk Registration form to lookup and register multiple domains at o­nce, with no hassle.

You can transfer your domain names from other registrars to them. All you pay is $13.50 for o­ne year renewal. You don't have to wait till the expiration date. The renewal will add o­ne year to the existing expiration date, no matter when you transfer them.

Click here to visit

Back to Top for as low as $6.95 p.a.

Getting a domain name has never been more affordable!

- 1 Year Registration...$8.95
- 2 Year Registration...$16.90($8.45/yr)
- 3 Year Registration...$23.85($7.95/yr)
- 5 Year Registration...$37.25($7.45/yr)
- 8 Year Registration...$58.00($7.25/yr)
- 10 Year Registration...$69.50($6.95/yr)

Click here to visit

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Domain Name Service

Did Network Solutions charge you full price for your domain name, then leave you without any DNS? provides DNS, with an easy front end. Just type in a domain name and an IP address o­n a web page, then browse to the domain you've created, almost instantly! It really works!

  • WebForward - Want to expand your internet presence by adding aliases for your existing site? Have a free Geocities site with a complicated address, but you'd rather have a simple "" like everyone else? Use WebForward, and visitors will get transferred automatically!
  • MailForward - Easily forward to other email addresses using MailForward. You can set up a 'default' email for every domain as well.
  • Free starter web page - No place to park your domain while you develop it? Park it with for Free!
  • Branded Site - You can provide ZoneEdit.Com's services to your clients. Completely customize the look and feel of ZoneEdit's tools to match your firm's existing website. Give your clients secure access to o­nly their own domains, and they'll save you a headache by editing their own DNS entries.
  • Failover & Load Balancing - New service provides intelligent failover and load balancing for your web server farm using our advanced DNS manager.

Click here to visit

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Accept Credit Cards with No Monthly Fee.

The Easiest and Cheapest way to accept Card Payments from you web site in real time. No Monthly Fee. Affiliate network ready instantly to promoting your web store.

ClickBank is the ecommerce solution for thousands of web businesses that deliver unique products and services over the Internet itself (via web pages, files, or email).

ClickBank's payment technology lets any web business (a seller) automatically pay sales commissions to any other web business (an affiliate) that links a paying customer to the seller. Clickbank bills the customer, pays the seller, and pays the affiliate.

By acting as the trusted intermediary ClickBank maintains complete security and quality control in every transaction. ClickBank offers significant advantages over any stand-alone solutions for billing, marketing, or affiliate management:

Affiliates can freely link to any seller and be assured that they will be paid for every sale they generate. Sellers can freely accept new affiliates without fear of fraud or misrepresentation.

For sophisticated international fraud control, ClickBank uses ccScansm to screen all purchases. For maximum card security, all orders are sent directly to the banking network for immediate authorization. We do not store card numbers.

Since sellers o­nly pay commissions to affiliates when the customer makes a purchase, the seller's advertising expenditure is 100% effective. 

ClickBank's services are underpinned by exclusive licenses to four patents and patents pending that protect various aspects of the system including the linking of the payment transaction with the distribution of commissions.

Click here to visit!

This is another service provider you might want to consider. It's a newer company compare with ClickBank. However they do offer cheaper rates. Click Here to Learn More about their services.

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15MB Free Hosting with NO Ad.

This free web hosting package includes the following:

  • 15M of web space

  • Colour Statistics

  • 24 Hour FTP Access

  • Full Cgi Access

  • Remotely backed up every 24 hours

  • Multiple Email forwardings

  • No Banners or Pop Up Adverts

  • Support for all domain names, including nu, cx, to & cc

The domain name must not exceed 100Mb of transfer each month. 100Mb = 10,000 web site hits @ 10kb each.

The hosting of adult or illegal material is not permitted.

If you have a small web site or just starting a project does not require large web space and data transfer. This Free Service in definitely your best choice to have your site hosted.

Click here to visit

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Free URL Redirecting Service with NO Ad.

Is your web site address too long and difficult to remember? Are you looking for a solution, but can't afford your own domain? CJB.NET provides free URL redirection services which allow you to redirect an easy-to-remember address to your web site, no matter where it's hosted. Included features:

  • No advertisements. Unlike most other redirection services which place an annoying popup advertisement o­n your redirect or require a banner or button o­n your site, CJB.NET has no popups and requires no advertising o­n your site.

  • Subdomain address. Some services offer redirection using a folder under their domain, but with CJB.NET, you get your very own subdomain address.

  • Path forwarding. With path forwarding, you can link to images, files, and subdirectories o­n your site through your CJB.NET address.

  • Subdomain forwarding. Subdomain forwarding will forward any subdomains in your CJB.NET address along as subdirectories in your real web site address. With this option enabled, you can give subdirectories o­n your site their own easy to remember subdomain address.

  • URL cloaking. URL cloaking keeps your CJB.NET address in the address bar of your browser when your web site is accessed through its CJB.NET address. People bookmarking your site will bookmark your CJB.NET address, and search engines will index your site using your CJB.NET address. Keyword and description meta tags can also be used with the URL cloaking option.

  • Mail forwarding. With mail forwarding, people can send e-mail to you at any address in your CJB.NET subdomain, and their message will be automatically forwarded to the e-mail address that is listed in our database for your account.

  • Mail aliases. Along with our mail forwarding feature, CJB.NET also offers the ability to forward up to 100 different mail aliases to their own separate e-mail addresses. With this feature, you can assign staff, friends, or anyone their own unique e-mail address under your subdomain.

  • Web mail. Each URL redirection account includes a free corresponding web mail account that, o­nce activated, allows you to receive and respond to mail sent to any address in your CJB.NET subdomain using our web based interface.

  • POP3 account. Along with your web mail account, you can also access your e-mail through a standard POP3 client such as Microsoft Outlook®.

  • Chat room. The chat room adds a small chat frame to the bottom of your site, allowing your visitors to chat with each other in your own unique chat room while they surf your site. This interactivity keeps visitors at your site longer while they chat.

  • Guestbook. Our guestbook feature gives you a general idea of who visits your site, where they are from, how they found out about it, and what they think of your site. Your visitors can also view your guestbook to find out who's been to your site.

  • Forum. Our service also includes a free message board for your web site. This feature lets your users discuss your site and other related issues in your own public forum. Administrative features are also included so you can remove outdated or troublesome threads.

Registering your new CJB.NET address is fast, easy, and, best of all, completely free. Your new CJB.NET address will be activated immediately upon registration, and you can modify it instantly at any time. 

Click here to visit

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Fast and Reliable NT Hosting Service
From $8.25/month. Value for your money!

Sign up with, your site to be o­nline in 30 seconds with all the following features:

    Unrestricted Data Transfer
    International Domains Hosted
    Platform - Windows NT Servers
    FrontPage 98/2000
    Custom 404 Error Pages
    Files/Folders Access Manager
    Free Page Counters
    99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    WebTrends Log Analyzer
    Raw Data Log Access
    24 hour FTP Access
    Mail Forwarding
    Mail Alias
    POP 3 Accounts
    Own SMTP server
    Vacation Messages
    Web Based Mail
    Web based Admin Control Panel
    Mailing List Server
    "Catch-All" E-mail Alias
    VB Scripting
    Java Scripting
    Persits ASP Mail Component
    J-Mail Component
    SSI (Server Side Includes)
    Full ASP Access
    Full CGI Access (Perl 5.0)
    Full Access to DNS Server
    Ability to change SOA timeouts
    Real Media Streams
    MP3 Streams
    Midi Streams
    ShockWave Ready
    Advanced Streaming WAVs

    Click here to visit

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    A Huge 500MB Hosting Package
    with all the extras you could expect and even get paid for refer others.

    300 Meg Business Hosting Package - o­nly $24.95 Per Month!
    Your Own Plug In Cash Machine Sites Ready To Take Orders!
    Incredible Archive Of Marketing Secrets, Reports And eBooks!
    The #1 Direct Marketing Support Forum o­n The Internet!
    $10 Per Month For Each Account You Refer!
    Free Bahama Vacations!

    Sooner or later everyone realizes that they must have their own domain name. However, who you get to host that domain makes all the difference in the world. Most hosts simply provide you with space and that's that. You're o­n your own when it comes to making your new site profitable. has changed all that. It turns a necessity into a profit machine. If you have to have a host anyway, why not choose o­ne that pays you back? That's the basis of the offer. 

    They have designed this offer so that someone in our own family could sign up and begin making money immediately. They provide you with Money-Making Plug-In Sites. They provide you with a forum of over 30,000 members where you can get help, make deals and create partnerships that will explode your business.

    Check out the features that come with the hosting plan and compare it to others. There is no hosting company o­n the Internet that can match what they do or give what they give to make your new site profitable from the start.

    Click here to visit

    Back to Top


    Run 30+ Domains with o­ne hosting service.

    Here we are giving you a simple yet powerful tip which will allow you to host many domains within o­ne package.

    1. Register your domain names with or transfer your domain names to, if you have already registered your domains else where.

    2. Sign up an account with with any o­ne of your main site.

    3. Create subdirectories in your account to be used for the other domains.

    4. Now go back to ,set up Domain Forwarding with each domain name to a subdirectory of your account.

    Now for $15.00 p.a. you can have your very own domain name registered and have it hosted with no extra cost.

    Alternatively, you can register your domain names at for $13.95 p.a. then use the Domain forwarding service at to forward all your domains to your account.

    How many web sites can you host with a huge web space of 500BM?

    Let's say you registered 30 domain names at at 15.00 each. That's $450.00 p.a. It will cost you $299.40 p.a. to host all of them at if the average size of the web sites does not go beyond 15MB. So for $749.40 p.a. you would have 30 domain names hosted.  That's $24.98 p.a. for each domain - just a little more that $2.00 a month Including Domain Name Registration. 

    What kind of profit would you be making if you were a web site developer?

    Back to Top


    How to run your own Virtual Hosting Company for o­nly $14.95/month

    This service is especially designed  to provide you with all the features needed to run YOUR OWN web hosting company. The name of the hosting network provider will not be branded o­n your sign up web sites unless you would like them there. This service will allow your company access to our real-time scripts to activate customers automatically within seconds. They will have a subdomain setup upon site creation to allow then full access while Internic processes their domain name.

    The system enables you to include the instant o­n line setup into your web site AND lets you use your own support email address and unbranded web control panels.

    This is your own company, you can set any prices you would like to charge. They have 4 hosting plans to choose from. The details of the plans cannot change but your resale prices can be set to any amount

    Click here to check out the details.

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    Free eBook compilers/builders with no restrictions!

    Need to build your own eBook? No problem. Now you can get your web site compiled into your very own ebook for FREE!

    There are many free ebook builders/compilers o­n the Internet, however most place some kind of restrictions o­n the ebooks you make with them! What you will get from here are the o­nes without restrictions.

    1. SbookBuilder creates a standalone HTML viewer executable of a directory and all the html, image and sound files in it, with just a few button clicks. Frames support, zoom able print preview and printing of selected pages, custom start page, HTML interface, custom Icon and windows title, optional password protection, special print page-break tag. NEW: Cascading Style Sheet support.

    Click here to down load the SbookBuilder

    2. EbookBuilder 4 will compile HTML and Text documents and images in the BMP, GIF and JPG format in a completely self standing eBook executable that has all the files included in the executable in a compressed form. The eBbook itself can be read like a normal book with a left and a right page and page navigation buttons to flip through the book. Creating an eBook just takes a couple of minutes: click and drag files and give the create command; eBook Scripts and support for sound (wav, mid and mp3) files; print pages from your eBbook. NEW: single or two-page view; auto launch browser or email program; special include tags.

    Please click here to down load  
    Use Password:1148am to unlock the software

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    How To Reproduce Any Color you see o­n your screen with 100% Accuracy!

    Have you even seen some of the colors you really like while you're surfing the Internet or using your computer? Have you ever wanted to reproduce these colors and yet, never can get them right? We have found exactly what you need. 

    Pixie is an easy to use, fast and tiny utility designed specially to fit the needs of webmasters and designers. Pixie is a color spy plus a mouse tracker. Run it, simply point to the color and it will tell you the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of color. You can then use these values to reproduce the color in your favorite programs. Pixie also shows the current x and y position of your mouse pointer. Pixie is o­nly tool you need for work with colors.

    Click here to down load Pixie

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    How To Understand Windows Error Messages

    If you have software programs that produce numeric error codes, now you can find out what they really mean. MS Windows Error Messages is a utility that enables you to look up Microsoft Windows error code numbers and display a descriptive message explaining what the numeric code actually means. MS Windows Error Messages also provides a facility to display all of the error codes and messages defined for your version of Windows.

    Click here to down load MS Windows Error Messages

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    How to Protect your Web Images from being copied.

    You can use the following Script to stop your web site visitors from copying images from your web pages by using right click of the mouse. Simply rewrite the Warning messages and insert the script in the Body of you Html.

    < script>function click() {if (event.button==2) {alert('Yuor Warning Message Line 1 herenYuor Warning Message Line 2 herenYuor Warning Message Line 3 herenYuor Warning Message Line 4 here');}}document.onmousedown=click// -->< /script>

    Click here to open a new page to copy the script

    Click o­n the back arrow at the top of the page to come back here when you finished.

    Back to Top


    Get listed o­n Yahoo! for Free!

    A recent study of Internet traffic patterns revealed that 43.5% of all search engine referrals are coming from This means that can be a very powerful force in your promotion strategy. What if you could have the access way to harness the power of without spending a fortune or waiting forever? is notoriously slow in adding new submissions to their directory, it can take as much as six months to a year to see your site listed in the search directory. And just because you submit your link to, there is no guarantee that your site will even appear in their directory.

    Yes, you may basically go to and submit your site. That is what thousands of others do. But their site most likely does not get listed at all!

    Now, did you know that Yahoo! uses the database of for Web page search results?

    Follow the link below, you will be able to submit your web site to and that will get your site listed o­n Yahoo! with in 14 - 28 days and it's Free! It o­nly takes less than a minute to do. Try Now!

    Click here to List your site o­n Yahoo!

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    Make $10.00 each time by giving away a Free Credit Cards.  Plus a 10-level plan could generate unbelievable residual income. 

    We would like to introduce this brand new program to you. You will get a Free Premium Credit Card + Get Paid!

    This web site is giving away free Credit cards with free flight miles o­n any airline and paying commissions to refer other Cardholders. They pay out o­n a huge 10-level plan ($10 for the first level and $2 o­n the next nine). It's possible that this kind of multiplication can generate millions of dollars!

    Nobody buys a thing. The money comes from the bank because of the value of cardholders.

    This thing is spreading like wildfire! Please check it out and if you sign up for o­ne of these Credit cards, be sure to enter our Referral ID

    IT'S TOTALLY FREE!! What do you have to lose???

    Click here to visit the Web site

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    500 MB Web Hosting - NEW

    One very powerful hosting server has come to the net.  It has a reseller program, snap in selling products and wonderful uptime with its hosting capacities.  

    It has a reseller program where you can make o­ngoing commissions of $10.00 per month. Check out their money making opportunities!

    Click here to visit Third Sphere Hosting

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    Please note:

    All software contained below is copyright of the individual software provider's as detailed in their individual licensing agreements within the software archives provided.

    12Ghosts XP.03

    This collection of 12 handy Windows extensions, or "Ghosts", will save you time and effort. o­ne program powers off your computer with just o­ne click, automatically starting your backup program before shutdown. Another washes all evidence you left when browsing the Internet like cookies, caches and history files. o­ne will even automatically synchronize your clock with an atomic clock over the Internet so it is always perfectly accurate.

    Get your Software Here:

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    602Pro PC Suite 2001

    If you're sick of the Microsoft Office monolith, consider this product, a freeware word-processing, spreadsheet, graphic editor program that does a surprisingly good job of giving Office a run for its money. It doesn't need tons of memory or hard drive space to run (it's o­nly 13MB), and can even be used as a quick-and-dirty HTML editor as well.

    Get your Software Here:
    License: Freeware

    Back to Top

    IrfanView 3.61

    A fast, simple and free image viewer and editor that supports all major graphic formats, this program also features drag-and-drop support, directory viewing, TWAIN support, slide shows, batch conversion, and modifications such as color depth, crop, blur and sharpen. It has Status Bar entry, language and video bug fixes, and comes in English and German editions.

    Get your Software Here:
    License: Freeware

    Back to Top

    Stardock WindowBlinds 3.0

    If you're fed up with the standard Windows look and feel, do something about it. Install this product and you have the power to "skin" everything in Windows, from the look and feel of the windows themselves to backgrounds in windows to the appearances of buttons and bars. There's so much to play with, you may wind up just spending a whole day trying o­n different skins. Not that this is a bad thing.

    Get your Software Here:
    License: Freeware

    Back to Top

    ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm 2.6

    The single most popular personal firewall utility for the PC (and certainly o­ne of the most effective and powerful), this tool is easy to configure, and uses an application-by-application method of trapping traffic, rather than a port-by-port method. This means it traps not o­nly inbound attacks but spyware and Trojans as well. The newest version also works with Windows XP.

    Get your Software Here:
    License: Freeware

    Back to Top

    Copernic 2001 Basic

    The ultimate search engine? This is probably as close as you're going to get. It aggregates searches from multiple search engines to create the most thorough, exhaustive, and powerful search engine you can get without paying. The deluxe version of the program (US$29.95) contains a great many advanced features, such as newsgroup searches and support for languages other than English, but the basic version is powerful enough for almost anyone.

    Get your Software Here:
    License: Freeware

    Back to Top

    TweakMASTER 1.6
    Increase your Internet connection's speed with this highly effective Internet optimizer. It works by carefully and intelligently tweaking various "hidden" Windows settings. It is ideal for all types of Internet connections, whether you have dial-up, cable modem, DSL or satellite.
    Get your Software Here:
    License: Shareware (30-day trial)

    Back to Top

    This utility allows you to log o­n to any of your o­nline accounts at the click of a button. You no longer have to remember all those URLs, logon details and passwords. This product will securely store these details o­n your own PC and allow you to log o­n to any of your accounts quickly and easily.

    Get your Software Here:
    License: Shareware

    Fresh Download 2.5

    This is an easy-to-use and fast download manager that allows you to queue downloads, regain broken transfers, and accelerate downloads by using multi-part transfers. Best of all it's freeware, so no annoying ads or limited functionality.

    Get your Software Here:
    License: Freeware

    SiSoft Sandra 2001te Standard
    A comprehensive system information and benchmarking tool combined, you can use this program to analyze your system to find performance bottlenecks, or simply as a way to peer into every aspect of your computer. Easily o­ne of the most popular system information tools currently available.

    Get your Software Here:
    License: Shareware

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