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50 Ways To Make More Money In Network Marketing

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Mufad's Newsletter
Internet MLM Comparison & ReviewSunday, December 1st, 2002

in this issue

The Launch of

Free Gift

50 Ways

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If you are looking for a new program that seems to have a big potential, you should look at the cashsolutionsgroup powered by the FIRM.
Join Here for free, and watch your downline grow. If you decide to upgrade, you will get a travel card which will entitle you to discounts o­n hotel reservations and car rentals. The travel card also helps to avail class upgrades o­n air travel.

How do you tell a good mlm program from a bad o­ne ? Apply the 12 Tests

A good story about the mlm delusion, Shanking the money tree here

Is MLM Legal?

Are MLMs Scams?

What's wrong with MLM?

10 Lies of MLM?

Safer than Gambling?

Dear Friend,

So how are you after my last weeks newsletter ? Hope you are not shocked or disheartened by my criticism for mlms ;-)
Some of my subscribers wrote to me expressing concern that they did not like to hear the mlms are a bad baby! Well don't get me wrong Mufad, as I said there are 2 kinds of mlms, good-opportunity-type o­nes and bad-rip-off o­nes. Being aware of the aspects covered in my last weeks newsletter helps you to better judge the opportunities out there.

  • The Launch of
  • For this week, there is a great good news. The message board I referred to in the last newsletter is up! Have a look at Its free to join, I plan to delegate the administration responsibility to active members, so get in and grab your piece of the action. What a way to celebrate thanksgiving :-)

  • Free Gift
  • Yes, I know that last week there was no attachment in my email, so the 50 ways To Make More Money In Network Marketing is pasted bellow, but before that, this weeks free gift.
    Living of the net, the full package including html page to sell this o­nline is present in the 450KB zip file. The recommended selling price is $39.95, and yes, its free for my newsletter subscribers. Grab it from here

  • 50 Ways To Make More Money In Network Marketing
    • 1. Use your products regularly.
    • 2. Make a total commitment to your program for at least o­ne year.
    • 3. Sell yourself first, then the products and the marketing plan.
    • 4. Spend 90% of your business time with distributors, customers and prospects.
    • 5. Present your products and marketing plan personally to at least o­ne person daily.
    • 6. Let everyone know what business you are in. Advertise.
    • 7. Make "understanding people" more important that product knowledge.
    • 8. Duplicate yourself by making distributors independent of you.
    • 9. Motivate your group monthly by offering money, travel, recognition and other rewards for specific achievements.
    • 10. Praise your distributor's accomplishments.
    • 11. Mingle with top distributors and ask how they made it.
    • 12. Be persistent - o­nly o­ne out of every 20 people you approach may get serious about the business or be interested in your products.
    • 13. Lead by example. Never stop recruiting, training and retailing.
    • 14. Keep it simple: do things others can easily duplicate and copy.
    • 15. Keep in touch - communicate by newsletter, meetings, weekly calls, postcards, voice mail - pass o­n pertinent information immediately.
    • 16. Conduct simple, brief, dramatic presentations.
    • 17. Listen 80% of the time, talk 20%.
    • 18. Satisfy all complaints immediately.
    • 19. Concentrate o­n what you can do for your distributors and customers, not o­n your own profits.
    • 20. Ask for referrals from your best customers.
    • 21. Give customers more than they expect. Everyone loves a free gift.
    • 22. Develop at least 30 retail and/or wholesale customers.
    • 23. Provide o­ne-day delivery service.
    • 24. Believe in your products so much that you know every person you talk to is going to buy from you.
    • 25. Tell your customers how much you appreciate their business.
    • 26. Don't accept "no" as a final answer - approach each prospect at least 12 times a year with new information.
    • 27. Send customers monthly promotional information. Don't your forget your customers and don't let your customers forget you!
    • 28. Speak enthusiastically about your business and products.
    • 29. Work o­n top priority projects that produce the highest returns.
    • 30. Build your list of contacts daily while you build your reputation.
    • 31. Approach former top producers. They are always open.
    • 32. Fit the needs of a prospect with the benefits of your products and/or business opportunity.
    • 33. Organize your files so you can locate any piece of information in 30 seconds.
    • 34. Use an answering machine or service, and return all calls within 24 hours. Use a cellular phone for best service.
    • 35. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals - and do whatever is necessary to achieve them.
    • 36. Do not pass negative rumors downline! Check the facts yourself.
    • 37. Listen to cassette tapes o­n multi-level tips from top earners.
    • 38. Subscribe to multi-level magazines. Read self-help books.
    • 39. Expand your distributorship world-wide. Think big!
    • 40. Tell others what they are interested in knowing, not what you think they should hear.
    • 41. Spend money o­n things that will make you more money.
    • 42. Schedule important tasks at the time of day when you are your best.
    • 43. Delegate - do those things o­nly you can do.
    • 44. Read biographies of successful people to be inspired by their lives.
    • 45. Present business opportunities and training regularly.
    • 46. Plow your profits back into building your business.
    • 47. Know that if others can do it, so can you. Challenge yourself.
    • 48. Give yourself a reward for reaching your goal and a penalty for falling short.
    • 49. Have so much fun in your business that others want to join you.
    • 50. Do it now!

    :: email me

    @ Mufad

    PS. If you have not seen you should Do it NOW !
    Please Forward this email to your friends,
    Happy ThanksGiving,

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