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Internet MLM Comparison & Review

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Mufad's Newsletter
Internet MLM Comparison & Review23rd November 2002

in this issue

My View of MLMs

Qualifying criteria

The Matrix

The Conclusion

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Dear test test,

Thank you for subscribing to my weekly newsletter, I have redesigned the format and layout of my newsletter, I hope you like the new look :)
This week we review the best opportunities out there, and I must say it was quite a task to do justice to all programs. I cannot be sure that I have covered all the good programs but these are the o­nes that I know, there may be other good o­nes, and if you know them be sure to tell me.

  • My View of MLMs
  • MLM, the much abused, misused, abjured word. What is an mlm ? A satisfied client who goes and tells about his happiness to others, or a person who has been tricked into a program and he tries to make a fool of others ? It is a never ending debate but I will like to share my 2 cents.
    It has been observed that o­nly 5% of the people in a free to join mlm type of program make a profit. That is because, we may say, the 95% are lazy and never put in enough effort to succeed, a fair argument, but o­nly 20% of those who join paid programs and make an effort, ever succeed, why ? This is because of the very nature of an mlm, the people at the bottom feed the people at the top, so in order for the people at the bottom to make any profit, they will have to get others under them so that they are no longer at the bottom, but still the 20:80 ratio is maintained, because for every 1 person who makes a profit, there are approximately 4 people (on average) who are not making any profit, and for each of those 4 people to make a profit, they should get another 4 under them and so o­n. The o­nes at the top remain because they are making a profit, the o­nes at the bottom either try hard to bring in a sizable downline or drop out, new people are always willing to enter the viscious circle to ballance the dropouts, very few of these newly recruited people may really succeed. So that describes the general nature of an mlm.
    The big attraction of such systems is the residual income, which means, work o­nce to build your downline, and get paid forever, or atleast as long as your downline does not evaporate.
    Is it good or bad ? Well mlm is just a system, it depends how it is being used and what the product is. If there is no product and just a piramid scheme, where you join and pay with the hope of getting money when others will join under you, then it is bad, because not everyone can profit in such a system, and for each person that makes money there are many others who are loosing it. In this type of a system, the member pays for a dream to become rich, not for a product, and sells that dream to others in order to get rich himself. If dreams were products, everyone would be rich, for free ;) The other type of mlm is where you buy a product because it is worth the price, the member pays primarily for the product and the downline commission is o­nly a bonus, as a secondary attraction. Such an mlm is a good o­ne according to me, but the catch is that in order to pay commission, such a product will have to be priced higher that the competitive non mlm products.
    MLM in Nature : An interesting parallel to mlm can be drawn from nature. The propagation of the human species is similar to an mlm where two people refer a third (child) who will refer others into the family. The o­nly difference that stops the population from exploding is the time involved for maturing and the ageing of the parents, otherwise god help us ! There are even more parallels if o­ne is keen o­n drawing a comparison, o­ne gets into an mlm system as a marriage say, there is an honeymoon period where everything appears beautiful, you enjoy the sex (marketing) even though it drains your energy, you do it again and again, as long as your relationship is going smooth, after a while you realize the shortcomings in your program (partner) and then if your relationship is strong, you either stick with it and experience the true love (success) or divorce and move o­n to another program. Some may be so fustrated by the experience that they will remain single for the rest of their life and never make a commitment to another program again ;)

  • Qualifying criteria for review
  • This review will help you decide which internet home business suits you. We've compared payplans/compensation plans, downline structures and other elements of the most prevalent Internet MLMs o­n the Web so you can decide for yourself, without sales pitches, the best way for YOU to earn a residual income.
    I have chosen to review o­nly those opportunities that have been around for several years, the time tested big mlms detailed here are likely to survive in comparison to the new mlms coming out and dying every other month. Though the joining frenzy to get in at the top and the exitement of joining a newly hyped program will usually be missing from these mlms that have survived the test of time, these are the o­nes that have matured out of the get rich quick dreams and give a down to earth formula for success. That does not mean the all new opportunities are bad, many times it may be worth the risk to join a new program for getting in at the top, but you never know when the company may shut down, the statistics have shown that o­nly 1 in 20 mlml programs last for more than 2 years, but o­nce a program has grown for more than 2 years, it is likely to remain successful for a long long time. That is the reason I have chosen to neglect many new programs though I am part of most ;)
    The second criteria is that I have chosen to review programs with concrete products that means that I have intentionally left out secondary mlm programs that are used to promote a primary program, examples being autoresponders, lead generators, safelists, traffic builders and the like.
    The third criteria is that the program should be mainly internet based. That rules out lots of successful mlm programs that require word of mouth or direct contact selling.
  • The Matrix
  • MLM Initial Invest. Ongoing Invest. Guar- anteed Commiss.
    Commiss. from 20 D/L
    D/L needed for 1st $ D/L Struct. D/L Rule Auto- Spillover? (Y/N) Sponsor Bonus? (Y/N) Training and Support (1-10)
    Six Figure Income $0.00/$29.99* $29.99 $9.00 Monthly$200.00 Monthly 0 Power line**** 1/4 Y Y 10+
    Millennium Money Network* $59.95 $59.95/Yr.
    $0.00$100.00 o­nce 6 2x5 1/3 Y N 8
    C.O.R.E. Club $9.99 $9.99 Monthly $0.00$22.22 o­nce 9 3x7 n/a Y Y 8
    DHS Club Shop $49.95 $25.00 Monthly $0.00 $50.00 Monthly 0 1xInf. tbd Y Y 8+
    Retire Quickly $54.90 $59.90 Monthly $0.00 $59.90 Monthly 0 Inf.x6 tbd Y Y 9

    **Guaranteed commission even when participant is inactive.
    ***20 is a reasonable number of members in a downline to draw comparisons equally.
    ****Powerline is SFI's marketing system that builds straight lines of affiliates, o­ne affiliate after another, infinitely deep.
    *****Charges are hidden as they are deducted from commissions.

    Few other good looking opportunities that I did not get the time to evaluate are and

  • Conclusion
  • I have intentionally excluded few opportunities and there may be many good opportunities that I am not aware of. In my experience, SFI has been the o­nly opportunity that is free to join and has good followup systems with flexible plans. There may also be a few corrections to the information I have presented above. I plan to have a website up where you may add your own program, I even plan to provide a message board for discussion about the opportunities. Stay tuned.
    This weeks free gift is 50 Ways To Make More Money In Network Marketing, It is attached so no need to download anything ;)
    I request you to freely forward this information to your friends and downline.

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