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Do you know how to track your emails?

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<FONT color=#770077 size=4>Hello there <STRONG>Subscriber Name</STRONG>,


<BR>Its Mufad here, bringing you this weeks newsletter. Some of you have already received this newsletter yesterday, but many people complained that they were missing this weeks newsletter, so here it is again, it seems freeautobot did not send the newsletter to all my subscribers, so I have transferred my list to another autoresponder, not leadlightning, because they restrict the number of imports to 25 per week o­nly. Lets see if this o­ne satisfies my requirements ;) Ok, enough said, lets get to the cream.

      <BR><BR><STRONG>This weeks Pick : <U>Personal Email Tracking -

      EMAILDETECTIVE.COM</U> </STRONG><BR>Did you know that it is possible to

      track your email and know when your recipient opened it and from which

      city? Well, now you know, it is possible, and you can try it out for free

      from <A href="http://emaildetective.com"></A>

      - You don’t have to sit waiting for a reply and wondering if your email

      has been read any more, simply send the email you want to track from this

      site and they will send you an email when its opened. Have you heard of

      email wiretapping? Spooky stuff, a person can spy o­n contents of email

      messages, each time you add your comments to an email and forward it to

      anyone, the sender may be spying o­n your comments! Learn if you are

      vulnerable, what you can do to prevent it and how you can use or shall I

      say misuse this technology from <A href="http://emaildetective.com"></A>.

      No registration is required, no software to download, it already works

      with your existing email, and the free trials are not limited by

      number.<BR><I>So Whats the Catch ?</I> o­nly catch is that they will show a

      banner in your outgoing email and to remove it you have to register by

      paying 10$ for 100 tracked emails. There is no monthly fee. The registered

      service has many more advanced features.<BR>Now, another bonus, have you

      ever wondered about the sender of some email you received? Ever wished you

      could know more details about whoever sent you that nasty email? Well, all

      you have to do is forward that email as an attachment to <A href=""></A>

      and you will get an automated report about the sender! And did I tell you

      its free? These guys must be nuts giving away revolutionary stuff like

      that for free! <BR>They even have an affiliate program, and yes, joining

      is free again. I love this word free. They are not an mlm selling a dream

      more than a product, try out their service, use it as long as you wish for

      free, then register if you are satisfied and need extra features ! And at

      the same time, earn income by referring others. <BR>That gives me an idea,

      this emaildetective site has a page for inviting others and testing out

      the how the open notifications work at the same time, I thought why not

      give my readers a chance to try this without having to visit their site at

      all! So here it is, you can test it and invite others to this site right

      from this email, and YOU will gain the 2$ commission if any o­ne you send

      this email to signs up! Please don’t invite too many because you will

      receive a read receipt from each person that you send to when they open

      the email. They also show some stupid joke when you use this form, try it

      out. <BR>

      <FORM action= method=post


      <TABLE><INPUT type=hidden name=fromemail></INPUT>



          <TD><INPUT type=checkbox CHECKED name=notify>Notify me when

            opened</INPUT><BR></TD< tr>


          <TD>Friends Email (Multiple ids separated by , or ; allowed) : </TD>

          <TD colSpan=2><INPUT name=toemail></INPUT><BR></TD< tr>


          <TD>Your Comments: </TD>

          <TD colSpan=2><input name=comments ></INPUT>         </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><BR><INPUT type=submit  value=Forward></INPUT></FORM>



And while I am at it, let me name this method of sending emails from within emails as “viral email marketing” – so then, this is the first viral email in history and you are talking to the father of viral email marketing – Just joking buddy ;) but it may be true, you never know! <BR>      


<B><I>This weeks free gift</I></B> : The Internet X-Factor, its shows you 'The o­ne Step That Predicts Success Or Failure o­n the Web'. It is 413 KB, available at <A href="'>"> /secure/xfactor.pdf</A>        and use        <TABLE border=2>         <TBODY>         <TR>           <TD>username=mufad</TD>           <TD>password=newsletter</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>       <HR>      



<B><I>A Little Self Promotion</I></B> : Excuse me Home Base, but I just could not resist bringing this new opportunity to you - Many of you have        been writing to me asking about programs that I am currently promoting, so here is the latest o­ne, <A href="'>"> members/mufad/index.html</A> check it out and decide for yourself, I will not reveal anything more ;)        <BR>And for those who love to travel, I know of a perfect program that can make you a travel agent, to be launched in mid November, have look at <a href="this">this</a> movie and then ask me for more details if you are interested :)      


<HR><B><I>Coming Next Week</I></B> : Review of <I>Domain Registration PriceWars</I> Ever Wished someone could tell you which is the cheapest domain registrar out there and which registrar gives you what features? Your wish will be granted next week. I know of domain registrations for less than $8.75 per year and if you know cheaper registrars, tell me about it for my next weeks newsletter.



To Our Success,<BR>Cheers,<BR>Mufad. <BR>



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