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Home Business: Legitimate MLM Business
Is Your MLM Multilevel Marketing Business Legitimate?
May 09, 2004 - 03:13 AM

Marketing: The Secret of Success
The o­ne secret of success is - You must first know the demand. You must first know what people need, and then invest yourself where you are most needed.
May 07, 2004 - 07:44 AM

Home Business: Still being burnt by MLM? It's time to quit!
MLM is probably the most powerful vehicle created that allows average people all over the world achieve financial freedom. Why in the world then did so many of us get hurt by joining network marketing companies?
Mar 23, 2004 - 02:35 AM

Still being burnt by MLM? It's time to quit!
MLM is probably the most powerful vehicle created that allows average people all over the world achieve financial freedom. Why in the world then did so many of us get hurt by joining network marketing companies?

I have been told many times that the only way to succeed with network marketing is 'Get Started, Don't Quit'. Honestly, that is a whole bunch of baloney. Get started with the wrong company, you get hurt bad. Hanging on to the wrong company, you might as well throw your bank book into the ocean.

It's time to review where you are now, and if you detect something wrong, it's time to cut off your losses and start anew. Here are some pointers for your consideration:

  1. Will you (or your family) be using your company's product or service if you will never be paid for using it? If the answer is no, then stop! It is difficult to find customers for these types of company, and the people you bring into the business will probably be hurt.

  2. How much are you paying to maintain your position? Will you be willing to pay that amount for the next 20 years? Residual income comes from people in your downline paying the same amount happily. If the ones at the bottom are not happy, sooner or later they will want to stop being 'exploited', and there goes the residual income. You'll fall into the unending cycle of having to bring in new victims to fill in the blanks.

  3. Can consumers obtain the same type of product or service from other sources at cheaper prices? This is one of the primary reasons why MLMers have a bad rep. One company's literature actually teach distributors to get their family to switch to its higher price long distance service because "we are family". Now I understand why most new MLMers do not dare to approach their warm market.

  4. How many people do you need in your group for you to start making money (or break even)? Not as important as the points above, but is an indication whether the people you bring in can do it. The president of my last company told me that if I did not have 200 distributors in my group then I should not expect earning much money. You can imagine how fast I dropped that company. It did not help that the product's performance was mediocre.

In conclusion, scrutinize the inner workings of your company carefully. Determine whether you and your group stand a good chance surviving in the long term. There are thousands of MLM companies out there, it is time to significantly reduce the casualty rate in this industry.

(c) 2003 by Ivan, the Positive, Lim

The author has been a full time marketer and coach for 3 years.  With
his computer background, he builds websites to help his group reach
maximum exposure on the net.  He also devotes his time in helping
others find fair deals in the MLM industry.

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Experts and newbies are alike in misunderstanding the way online MLM works, and under-estimating the steps involved. Acquaint yourself with these 4 myths, and protect yourself from the online hype and misconceptions.
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Marketing: Key Facets Of Successful Network Marketing
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Work at Home: The Secret to Making Money
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Feb 03, 2004 - 04:58 AM

Home Business: Investigating any internet business
It doesn't matter what business or investment you arelooking at, it all comes down to analyzing 24 keyfactors.
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Note: Rebecca Gilbert
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Marketing: Marketing Tips for Success
Five top marketing tips that are a must in order to succeed in marketing.
Dec 31, 2003 - 05:35 AM

Home Business: Network Marketing - Its All About Customers
Network marketing is really about customers. So if you want to serve your customers better through your network marketing business, here are a few things to ask yourself.
Note: Priya Shah
Dec 23, 2003 - 12:20 AM

Marketing: Duplication in MLM - a Myth?
Duplication is o­ne of the most important concepts in Network Marketing, but no person can be exactly like another. So is the concept of duplication being applied the way it should?
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Work at Home: Network Marketing and Internet
Is it possible to motivate yourself to do something you don't enjoy doing? This article shows how you can be successful on the internet without having to sell your soul!
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Marketing: How precious is your MLM reputation?
How often have you heard people say that they have 'burnt out their warm market'? Could this be prevented from the start? If you are already in this situation, how do you recover from it?
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Work at Home: Work Full Time on Your Wages and Part Time on Your Fortune
Wages are what you earn o­n your full time job. Wages are great, they pay the bills. But, you may never get rich on wages.
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My Truth about MLMs
MLM, the much abused, misused, abjured word. What is an mlm ? A satisfied client who goes and tells about his happiness to others, or a person who has been tricked into a program and he tries to make a fool of others ?
Note: By Mufad
Jun 11, 2003 - 05:33 AM