Learn To Send E-mails using Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator

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* Email Techniques: Learn To Send E-mails using Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator
Posted May 23, 2003 - 02:55 PM
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E-mail Marketing You can send, receive, read and write e-mail within Netscape or Internet Explorer. To reduce costs, it is always best to read and compose your mail offline. Here’s how to set up and use your brower’s e-mail facility


Click o­n the + sign to the left of MAIL AND GROUPS.
Click o­n IDENTITY and enter your name and e-mail address.
Click o­n MAIL SERVER and enter your user name.
Enter your e-mail address and also under OUTGOING MAIL SERVER.
Enter your e-mail address and and under INCOMING MAIL SERVER.
You are now ready to send and receive e-mail through your browser!
Click o­n the MAILBOX icon for your browser at the bottom right of your taskbar.

A PASSWORD box pops up. Enter your PASSWORD.

The INBOX appears. Click o­n GET MAIL. Your e-mail messages will appear.

 After you have collected the messages, you can disconnect from the Internet and read them offline. You can also click NEW MESSAGE and write mail while offline. Just choose SEND LATER from the file menu. When you get back o­nline you can send your messages.


Click the MAIL icon.
Choose READ MAIL from the resulting menu.
In the resulting box, click o­n MAIL from the menu and choose OPTIONS.
In the resulting OPTIONS box, click o­n SERVER.
Enter your name, e-mail address and also under OUTGOING MAIL.
Enter your name, e-mail address and also under INCOMING MAIL.
Click SEND AND RECEIVE MESSAGES. Your messages will appear.

You can disconnect from the Internet after receiving your mail and read it offline. You can also compose mail offline. When you reconnect, you can send your messages.

Attaching Files to Your E-Mail Messages
It’s easy to share documents, photos, and even music with your friends and family via e-mail. No matter if you’re using Netscape, Internet Explorer, Eudora, Pegasus or another e-mail application, these instructions will apply:

Write your e-mail message as usual.
Click o­n the ATTACH or INSERT FILE icon.
A box will come up that enables you to search your hard drive for the directory that contains the document (usually has a .txt or .doc file extension), the photo (has a .bmp, .jpg or .gif extension) or the music file (with a .wav or .mid extension) that you wish to send. Double-click the file name for your chosen attachment and it will automatically be attached to your e-mail message.

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