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* Email Techniques: Learn about Email
Posted May 23, 2003 - 03:08 PM
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E-mail Marketing What is the correct format for my user name?How can I receive and send emails anywhere? What is a POP3 email account?

What is the correct format for my user name?  The user name should be yourname%yourdomain.com (a few old email programs do not accept the % sign, in this case your user name should be yourname@yourdomain.com).

Example:Email address: test@example.comCorrect user name: test%example.com

Should you experience problems while receiving your emails, please check the user name in your mail program and update it, if necessary. The option SMTP server requires authentication should be activated in your email program.

Further information can be found in our instruction manuals o­n editing mail options in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express.

How can I receive and send emails anywhere?   Use our Webmail service to manage your emails independently of your location. Simply enter the following address in your browser: http://yourdomain.com/up (substitute "yourdomain.com" with your actual domain name). To login to Webmail, you need your user name and your main password.

 What is a POP3 email account?   POP3 is the abbreviation for "Post Office Protocol version 3", a wide-spread protocol for user authentication and email retrieval. A POP3 account is a kind of mailbox for your email addresses, which can o­nly be accessed using a specific user name and password.

You need to specify the server address (the "post office") and the POP3 account o­n the server (the "mailbox"), so that your email client (e.g. Outlook Express) knows which POP3 account to access. o­nly this combination of server and POP3 account makes the email address clear (in the Internet there are no server addresses of the same name, and no user identification of the same name within a server).

The POP3 service retrieves all emails sent to an email address with a POP3 account. The POP3 server providing the POP3 service executes two important tasks: First of all, it verifies (authenticates) the identity of the user that wants to access the POP3 account by means of user name and password. Secondly, the POP3 service makes it possible to download (retrieve) the incoming emails after the verification is completed.

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