What are AutoResponders

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* Email Techniques: What are AutoResponders
Posted May 23, 2003 - 03:24 PM
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E-mail Marketing How do I setup an email account?
What is the difference between a POP3 account and an email alias?
Can incoming emails be forwarded to any email address of my choice?
What is an autoresponder?
Can an autoresponder cause problems? 

How do I setup an email account?  Open your Webspace Manager (http://yourdomain/menu), click o­n Email Management and follow the instructions. You can find further information here: Creating a new mailbox. A POP3 account should be created when a user needs a mailbox of their own with a distinct user name and password.

To take advantage of unlimited email addresses, you do not need to create POP3 accounts. All mails@yourdomain.com are automatically redirected to the mailbox postmaster@yourdomain.com. You can determine which email address these mails are forwarded to, e.g. to username@yourdomain.com.    What is the difference between a POP3 account and an email alias?  To access an email address with a POP3 account, you need to enter a user name and password. An email address allows you to receive and send emails.

An alias simply allows incoming email addresses to be forwarded to a different email address.

You can combine both properties in your Email Manager.    Can incoming emails be forwarded to any email address of my choice?   Yes. You can make the necessary modifications in your Email Manager. See also: Configuring email forwarding.     What is an autoresponder?  An autoresponder is a specifically configured email address. It sends a message of your choice to the senders of incoming mail, e.g. "We are currently o­n holiday. Your message will be processed next week...". You can find further information here: Activating an autoresponder. Can an autoresponder cause problems?   If two autoresponders encounter each other, this can lead to an infinite loop until your email storage space is full. You should never enter an autoresponder address in the "reply" field of outgoing emails! Otherwise this will lead to an infinite repetition, should an autoresponder o­n the addressee's side answer your autoresponder.

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