Ten Do Not's When Building Your Site

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* Building Your Website: Ten Do Not's When Building Your Site
Posted Jan 24, 2003 - 04:11 AM
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Website Building Tips These ten things should be avoided at all costs when building your website.

There are some things you should definitely not do when building your site. These things will annoy your visitors to no end.

  • 1. Have ten different types of colored text - This is very annoying.
  • 2. Navigation that makes no sense - Show your site to some friends before you upload your site and try to let them surf around. If they get lost change your navigation scheme
  • 3. Flashing and unecessary animations - Don't have any crazy graphics unless they serve a specific purpose.
  • 4. No contact information - Make it easy for your visitors to find their contact information.
  • 5. Free Backgrounds - Make sure your background is a solid color or just white, don't use crazy designs for your background.
  • 6. Scrolling - Make sure your visitors can see most of your pages right o­n the screen. Don't make them have to scroll to find your information.
  • 7. Awards - Do not put them o­n your site period.
  • 8. Strange Links - Avoid links or linked GIF's that go to site that have nothing to do with what your site is about.
  • 9. Overusing JavaScript - Don't use JavaScript unless you have a clearly defined role for your script o­n your site
  • 10. Not Keep it Simple Stupid - If you remember KISS it will make your programming experience much easier.

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