Ideas for products to sell on the Internet

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* Ideas for products to sell on the Internet
Posted Sep 08, 2003 - 05:32 AM
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Business Opportunities If you don't already have a concept of what you want to sell, or you want to write an ebook, but are not sure what to write about, here are a few resources to help you.

There are lots of potential products out there, which is the best o­ne for you to choose? Well, there are three things to consider when coming up with an idea of a product to sell o­n the Internet:

1. Are you going to enjoy being involved with it?

2. Will people pay for it?

3. Are there already lots of products out there o­n the same topic? Or, is your product in some way unique.

Only you can answer question number o­ne. Remember that if you are really enthusiastic about something then you are much more likely to be successful at it. If you are just doing something for the money, then success is still possible but can be more difficult, and not as enjoyable.

To answer question number two you may need to do some market research. Ask people who fit into your target market if they would buy the product. Don't ask them if they "like your product", because most people will say "yes", just to be nice. Ask if they would buy it, and how much they would pay.

Also you need to research what people are searching for o­n the Internet Are they searching for information o­n your product? Go to the page o­n keyword research for more information o­n this.

The last thing you need to know is if there is a lot of competition in the same area. Search o­n google for your product area. What sites come up in the top 10 search results? Are they all competing products to your idea? If so, can you develop a slightly different niche that will make you different from all the other products out there.

Free email course

One resource that can help you is a free email course done by Ken Evoy. His course is entitled "How to brainstorm, create, produce, and sell your very own infoproduct o­nline". To get this free email course, send a blank email to:

Authors Website :

Note: Rob Rawson
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Ideas for products to sell on the Internet | Login/Create an account | 3 Comments
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Re: Ideas for products to sell on the Internet (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Jul 06, 2004 - 09:41 PM
There are many great products to promote on the internet. A great way to find nitche products is to review the magazine rack at a book store.

There are many specialized magazines for specific hobbies and those can give you ideas for products as well.

Re: Ideas for products to sell on the Internet (Score: 1)
by wealthsystem on Jul 06, 2004 - 09:45 PM
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Find a subject that people are passionate about and sell products that relate to that subject.

Re: (Score: 1)
by NicRic on May 13, 2006 - 07:45 AM
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Hi ,
Iam desperatly trying to find a way to earn a good income using my computer from home. Due to health problems the cost of commuting ,a 9-5 job just does'nt work for me, howeve I have no problem spending hours at my PC ,in fact I enjoy it ! Iam a 48 year old man married with two young children ,my wife works swing shift ,and I care for my 11 and 9 year old ! I et hem up and off to school in the morn ,and help them with homework and get them ready for bed at night ! I love my family deeply and as of June 11 ,we will be celebrating our 13 anniversary ! Problem is ,we may not make it to a 14th one if I dont fins a way to earn a income that would allow us to afford the things we both want ,a home ,ability to travel and save for our childens futrure education needs .At this time I work a day here and theree at a Jewelry store .However they will never give me enough hours to work or enough $ to make . I dont like any kind of MLM plans .I would like to find a unique item to sell on the internet ,I would be willing to work with a bis that either drop ships directly to cusomer ,or one that sends me product to ship to my customer. Please and sucessful bis people out there that want ot helpa entire family improve the quality of their lives ,step up and I believe you wil e blessed ,there seems to be so many that only wish to help themselves ,I even have some relatives that have more then enough $ to help ,however instead they always claim they are broke ,as they sign the papers on their new milllion $ home !
Thanks for Listening ,Sincerely Nick

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