How to get thousands of links to your site

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* Promoting Your Website: How to get thousands of links to your site
Posted Sep 08, 2003 - 06:04 AM
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Search Engine Promotion Links generate free traffic for you, and shoot you to the top of the search engine rankings.

This page explains the top methods for getting links to your site. Apply these methods properly, and you may not need to use any other method of getting traffic.

Why links get you to the top of the search engines

You may already be aware that links are probably the most important factor to getting a number o­ne rankings o­n the search engines. However there is something that most people forget when trying to get links:

It's not just the quantity, but the quality of the links which is important

Basically, "link farms" where there are thousands of unrelated links, do not work any more. It won't hurt your site if you have a link FROM a link farm. HOWEVER, if you link to a link farm your site can be severely penalized, especially with Google. This is a crucial point: If you link to poor quality sites, search engines such as Google will penalize your site and you will get a poor search engine ranking.

How to find good sites to link to you

Good quality sites are going to have high search engine rankings. So, what you can do is simply to search for the top 100 ranking sites o­n Google, or other search engines, for the keyword that you are interested in. For example, if your site sells wine, then you search for "buy wine" and "wine" or "wines" and find the top 100 sites for each of these keywords.

How to get the sites to link to you

There are two ways you can do this:

Method 1 - offer an incentive

If your product has an affiliate program, then you simply suggest that they promote your affiliate program o­n their site, and they will be able to get a commission for each sale for people coming from their site. Alternatively you can advertise o­n their site and pay a fixed fee.

Another type of incentive is to offer your product for free, or offer free advertising for their site o­n your site. There are several alternative ways to do this.

Method 2 - get the links for free

A great way to do this is to the following:

Firstly, look at the site and carefully determine if your product or site fits with the topic of their site. If it does, look for the best place for them to have a link to your site. Then, put a link to their site o­n your site - do this before they even put a link to your site.

Next you need to email them. Tell the site owner that you have put a link to their site (show them the page where you have put a link, and make sure it is a quality link). Then tell the owner why it will benefit their visitors to have a link to your site. Lastly, give an example of exactly where you suggest the link should be o­n their site, and an example of the wording that they could use. This make it really easy for them to link to you.

Other resources to help you

Before you even start doing all of this you should check and see how many links are already pointing to your site. This information is available at Market Leap.

Other things that will dramatically increase your chances of getting "linked to"

Here are some other important things you can do:

1. Try faxing or phoning Website owners. Faxes receive a lot more attention than emails.
2. Make sure that your email (or fax) is individualized, and states the benefits for their site and their visitors.
3. Make sure that your site has good quality content that people are going to want to link to.
4. Make the email (or fax) personal. Use the webmaster's name if you can find it.
5. If the webmaster doesn't respond to your first email, try emailing again a week later as a gentle reminder. This can often work well.
6. Use a database to keep track of who you have emailed and their responses.
7. Create a template email that you can use to save time BUT don't send the same email to everyone, make sure that you individualize.
8. If you are sending out lots of emails you can use an emailing program to individualize each email.

For More information Look at our article o­n Link Popularity, Link Exchange - Why, What, How ...

All the best and get LOTS of links :)

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