Bulk emails don't work - find out why

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* Email Techniques: Bulk emails don't work - find out why
Posted Sep 08, 2003 - 06:44 AM
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E-mail Marketing Some people who send out bulk emails are raking it in ... making thousands of dollars of profits. But, if you do it wrong, you will end up getting your name put o­n a spam list, you website can down, your companies reputation goes to the rubbish heap ... and that's if you're lucky.

Why sending 2 million emails doesn't work

But, if you do it right, you can make $40,625 with o­ne simple email campaign

Did you get some junk email tody? Did you read it? Unlikely.

Some people who send out bulk emails are raking it in ... making thousands of dollars of profits. But, if you do it wrong, you will end up getting your name put o­n a spam list, you website can down, your companies reputation goes to the rubbish heap ... and that's if you're lucky.

But can't I just send 2 million emails?

No, it doesn't work. Look at this:

Send 2 million untargeted emails

Only 1 in 50 read it
40,000 people
Only 1 in 200 people want that sort of product
200 people
Only 1 in 200 will trust a spammer to buy
1 sale Yipee!!

Are you excited? I don't think so.

But what happens when you send out targeted emails, to people who requested to be contacted about your sort of product or service:

Send 100,000 targeted emails

1 in 2 read it
50,000 people
1 in 2 want that sort of product
25,000 people
1 in 40 buy your product
625 sales!!

If your profit per sale is $65 that equals $40,625 in profits.

So how can you make LOTS of sales with bulk emails?

Firstly DO NOT send out millions of spam emails, to untargeted people. It doesn't work, it's illegal in the USA, and your ISP can ban your site.

But even if you don't care that it is illegal, the bottom line is that it DOESN'T WORK.

So what works to make you lots of sales?

There are two things that you need to do to be successful:

1. You MUST find a targeted list of people who have agreed to be contacted.

2. You MUST send out individualised emails, preferably in a way that makes the person think that you are writing it just for him/her.

How do you send targeted emails?

Firstly you need the database of email contacts, of people who have agreed to be contacted by you. In the database you need names, email addresses, You need to have software which can generate the individualised emails.

For example, let's say you've got in your data base information o­n the person's: name, email and city that they live in. Your email could say:

"Hi, Alan. I noticed that you live in New York, and just thought that you might be interested in ..."

The best software I've found for doing all of this is Mailloop. This software can send out hundreds of individualized emails, but it can also do things like setting up a newsletter, or autoresponding to requests etc.

Now let's look at some more ways to make sure you get great results from your email campaign

So who should you email to? Well remember firstly that you should email o­nly to people who have agreed to be contacted. There are two reasons for this. o­ne is that it is illegal to do it any other way. The other reason is that when people receive unrequested spam emails, they are very unlikely to respond.

Start with your customers

Your customers are your best prospects. If they have bought from you before then they are the best prospects to buy from you again. If you are not collecting the email addresses of your customers, then you are crazy! You have a certain level of trust with your customers and so it is crucial to have o­ngoing contact with your customers.

Test with a small number of people first

Don't send out 100,000 emails without first testing to a small number, say 1,000 to 5,000 emails to make sure that your offer is going to work and that people will buy.

Ezines that target to your market

Ezines are a great way to market your product, because people are much more likely to read them, and therefore there is a bigger chance that they will buy. For more information o­n ezine marketing click here.

Joint venture with a non-competing business

If you can joint venture with a business that is not directly competing with yours, that can be a great strategy. What you do is to approach a company that has a large list of customers or they might have an ezine in your industry. See if they would like to promote your product, and in return receive a fixed fee or a percentage of the goods that are sold.

If they have an ezine you can even offer to write articles for the ezine and get your advertisement effectively for free.

Purchasing lists

This is an expensive option, but it can work. You can purchase lists of qualified buyers from a list broker. To find a list broker look at the Yahoo listing here.

Remember to make the emails persalized

This is crucial. If you send out an email with the persons name, they will probably realize that it was autogenerated (unless you do it very well), but even still you will get up to a 6 times increased response from this approach.


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Note: By Rob Rawson - http://www.profitpuppy.com
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