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* Make Money with Your Website: Placing links in your articles
Posted Jan 24, 2003 - 05:28 AM
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Effective Selling Placing links in your articles is a great secondary way of selling.

For your e-business to be effective you must have relevant content o­n your site. Many website owners who are invloved in affiliate programs forget this point and simply place random links and banners o­n their sites hoping for clicks and sales. When building your website you should merge content and your affiliate programs. My website provides content and advice, while endorsing products I feel that webmasters can use to improve their sites

Testimonials are a very powerful selling tool for those involved in affiliate programs. You can add power to your content by endorsing the products you sell, while offering relevant information to your visitors. Your sales will increase, because your visitors will be getting advice from a trusted source and not just another random advertisement o­n the web. You, in turn will be able to support the customer in their decision, and to offer advice o­n other products.

When you add content to your site place links for your products in your articles and testimonials. You may get less traffic to each article page, but the traffic will be much more receptive to your offer. Remember they are the o­nes that were looking for a specific solution to a problem and you can solve it through your website content.

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