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* Work at Home: Home Business I Recommend and Why
Posted Oct 28, 2003 - 05:28 AM
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Affiliate Programs How do you know which is the best home based business that will give you the freedom to work at home ? This article shows the reasons why I promote GDI home business opportunity.

Do You want to Make Money from the Internet ?

With so many scams around, who can you trust ?

Do not join any "work at home" program till you read this page.

Dear Online Opportunity Seeker,
My name is Mufad, I have been make a very good income online for the past 2 years, but before I got to this stage I had experienced many failures. My objective in making this site is to protect you from making the same the mistakes that I made, to educate you about what you should look for in any online opportunity, and to show you my recommendation of the best online money maker I have found.

I found that most new internet opportunity seekers fall into the trap of scams before they find the good opportunities, and most people give up their dreams thinking that all online opportunities are scams. I am here to show you with proof, that it is really possible to earn a very good income from the internet, working at your home, only a few hours every day, but do not take my word for it. You should be skeptical, don't believe me until I have shown you undeniable proof, My aim is to save you the trouble of going through the scams and point you directly to the best money maker.

Before I made insane amounts of money online, I had to taste the bitter experience of being scammed, because there was no guidance available to me, I am writing this to share my knowledge and experience with you. I had joined "paid survey programs", "data entry jobs", mlm, hyip, forex, ecurrency exchange and what not, but none of these really worked. It may have worked for 1% or 2% of the people that joined these programs, but I wanted a program that was simple and which worked for everyone who joined it. Most of these hyped up programs promise you the stars but are not even worth a particle of dust. Let me share my experience.

Paid Survey Programs only wanted me to signup for offers and they would bill my credit card if I forgot to cancel, I made just a few dollars that I could never encash because they had a minimum payout amount, to reach that minimum payout I had to signup for more offers - my mail box just exploded because of all the junk offers I started to get, eventually I had to stop using that email id as I could no longer keep up with all the junk mail, let alone make any money from those offers.

Type at Home or data entry jobs turned out to be just hyped up marketing. The forms that I was supposed fill and get paid for were only adds that I had to pay for ! Each time someone clicked on my ad, I had to pay for it, I made money only when someone purchased something as a result of my ad. I ended up spending more money in advertising on pay per click than I made as affiliate commissions - hello, this was supposed to be easy ! I signed up hoping that I will get a job and all they gave me was an affiliate program where I could earn money only if my ads would produce sales.

HYIP - those High Yeild Investment Programs - where they promise you a big return on your investment (over 10% per month) - I tested few of those (I joined fxig, phsi, feederfund, dxinone etc) but they all shut down soon enough. I realised that the reason they do not have a contact address or phone number of their site is so they can close their doors and run with your money any time.

MLM, yes those Multi Level Marketing things where they sell dreams, you bring in 3 people and they bring in another 3 and everyone brings in another 3 and soon you will have thousands in your downline and an unstoppable avalanche of income...

Well, I did good for a while in one of the famous mlm programs out there, They even sent me a trophy because I was among their top 10 leaders, but, and this is what pains me the most, as soon as I stopped spending money to advertise their program, my income dropped. Today it is Zero from that program.

I realised I was only selling false hope, I used to believe that my downline would grow automatically and my income would rise exponentially, that is how the program was sold to me and this is how I sold it to others, and I made some money that way, but the moment I stopped pumping in money for marketing that program, the income took a nose dive. I realised the automatic growth of income was not going to happen with that program. What was worse was that I felt guilty having brought other people to that program by generating false hopes in them.

The MLM concept is good in theory, many people have indeed built a super income stream using the multi level leveraged income, but I learnt from my bitter experience that you have to have a solid product that people will want to pay for and use because of its value, not because of wanting to make money, or by selling dreams to others, but because they would have paid for the product even if there was no business opportunity that came with it. Is there such a program available ? Before I answer that let me explain what you should look for in any program that you join.

What to Look For in a Legitimate program?
  • 1> It should be Free to Join
  • 2> They should have a solid product that is in demand
  • 3> Recurring Commissions and Leverage - Work once get paid forever
  • 4> Reputed Company

How to check if an opportunity is legitimate?
  • 1> They should have a listed address and/or phone number on their website
  • 2> Have they been reviewed or listed in reputed magazines like entrepreneur.com or the Inc 500 list ?
  • 3> There has to be a valuable product that has value without the business opportunity, means if someone is not interested in making money, would they still have use for the product ?
  • 4> The product should not be overpriced - the price of the product should be comparable to other similar products in the market.

The Biggest Factor that determines the value of an opportunity

If you stop working - will the income also stop ? In a good program, the income should not drop if you stop promoting it - work once and get paid forever on that work - that is the formula that top entrepreneurs use to generate ever increasing income month after month.

The Biggest Problem most online programs face is Attrition. As long as you continue to pump in new members into the program it makes you a profit, but if you stop your marketing, your income drops. I know of only one program that has almost zero attrition, infact the product is so marvellous that the more it is used, the more valuable it becomes and the members will gladly pay their affordable monthly fee for their product.

I have found only one program that satisfies all the above criteria, My income has continued to increase from this program even when I stopped promoting it all together for many months. This opportunity is in a growing billion dollar internet industry and you are going to love the product and the income potential.

What is the fastest growing industry today ? The Internet.
What is the Internet Made of ? Mostly Websites and Email

If there was a product that allowed people to create their own website and email id on that website without technical knowledge, that product would sell like hot cakes. Imagine if they made it so affordable that people who start using this product will happily continue to pay you every month, how big an opportunity would that be ?

Imagine being paid for every dot com registered every day Now Imagine if there was something even bigger than dot com - yes we are talking big income for you here - dot ws - for dot WebSite.

This is the only one opportunity I would recommend to you because this is the only opportunity where my Income has continued to grow month after month even when I stopped my promotions all together for this program. I had promoted this opportunity in 2006 and then forgot about it, but my income continued to multiply every month. I figured that people need and value the product so much that they never want to stop paying their monthly 10$ subscription and they referr their friends, or buy more domains and that continues to generate more income for me. That is why in now I have started to proudly promote this again.

Remember I told you I will show you proof - Here is the link to the Inc 500 Site where GDI is listed at #37 of the fastest growing companies in USA.
Need more proof, see GDI listed with the DSA Here
Here is the Photo of GDI Building and their Address
You can pick up the phone and call GDI support department at (+1)760-602-3000

Here are some of the popular GDI customers

My goal for 2008 is to get the top spot in the leaderboards with this opportunity - once you join you will be able to view my name in the leaderboards as further proof.

Click on the video testimonials to the right to see how other people just like you are earning a fantastic income from GDI.

Video Testimonials

Thousands Per Week in Personal Income.

"We've already had two vacations. We're getting ready to have our third vacation for a week because of this opportunity. It's generating thousands of dollars per week in personal income for us."

Part Time Work. Full Time Income.

"If you're sick you get paid, if it's a holiday you get paid, if it's raining you get paid! We've got a really, really nice full time income, working just part time from home."

The Movie Does All The Work.

"My income has almost doubled each and every month... All you have to do is invite people to watch your movie."

This Business Sells Itself.

"I can build a six figure income with this business. I have been with this company for a very short time and my business has expanded beyond my expectations. This business sells itself."

Age Is No Barrier.

"A message to other senior citizens: Age is only the date on the calendar. Prove to yourself, as I have, that age is no barrier to providing additional income for life."

Easy, Simple, and Profitable.

"No potions. No Inventory to buy. No selling involved. I have personally sponsored hundreds of affiliates with GDI and tremendous success has come from that. The business is easy, simple and profitable."
See More Testimonials
If you join under me, I will give you 3 special bonuses that are available only if you join from this site.
  • 1> Step by Step Instructions on becomming successful with GDI
    I will show you exactly how you can profit from this opportunity, If you follow my instructions step by step, you will start earning money even before your 7 days free trial is over.
  • 2> Website Building Training
    Once you have your domain name with GDI, I will show you step by step how to use the powerful GDI software to build your website and use it in ways that will generate a continuous stream of unstoppable income for you.
  • 3> Bring One Get Two More Free
    I plan to bring lot of new people into website.ws - If you join under me, I will place new members under you to help you build your business. For every member that you referr, I will place another two member under you - This means your profit will triple. It does not get better than this.

    Did I mention it is Free to join, yes, you pay nothing for your first 7 days, you can start earning money and building your website during this time and you can decide after 7 days if you want to pay the 10$ monthly subscription fee. You can cancel your subscription at any time, before or after the 7 days trial and you will not be billed from that point on.

    To Start, simplly fill in the form below and click on "Let Me In!" button to view the 7 minute personalised movie presentation.

    Watch the 7-Minute Movie Presentation

    I love this 7 minute entertaining flash movie that explains everything very nicely.
    Just enter your details and click "Let Me In!" button above to enjoy the ride of your life.
    Welcome to my team,

    PS. You have come so close to finding the perfect income generator on the internet, do not let this pass you by without giving it a try, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

    PPS. You can start earning money even before your 7 days free trial is over, just enter your name and email above, and click on "Let Me In!"

    Direct Selling Association Member Ebay Radio Entrepreneur Radio

Note: By Mufad
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