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* Make Money with Your Website: Banner Ads
Posted Jan 24, 2003 - 05:31 AM
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Advertising Techniques Banner Ads can be very useful if used effectively, but Mostly its a waste of time. Links are reputed to perform better than banners in most cases.

Banner advertising is a very tough way to make sales o­n the internet these days. Web surfers are so used to seeing banners that they barely even look at them anymore, simply passing by and moving to other things. It's gotten so bad in fact that many banners do not even get a 1% click-thru rate, which is very poor. The o­nly time I suggest using banner advertising is o­n your own website.

The banners you place o­n your site must relate to the content and overall them of your site. I can't tell you how often I see banners o­n people' websites that have nothing to do with the sites content. Also rotate your banners often so that repeat visitors have a different feel of your website each time they visit. If you don't do this they'll start to ignore the banner each time they visit. Make sure the banner is professional looking and matches the overall look and feel of your site.

I also suggest not getting invloved with banner exchanges. They are a problem because you never exactly know what banners are appearing o­n your site. These banners can have irrelevant content, look unprofessional, and harm your site's credibility. Remember you get to impress a first time visitor o­nce, don't blow it by using a an uneeded banner o­n your website that will annoy your visitors.

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