Why does your business need an Autoresponder?

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* Email Techniques: Why does your business need an Autoresponder?
Posted Dec 13, 2003 - 08:55 AM
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Promotion Tips 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact.
That means that you must send multiple follow-up messages to your leads of yesterday, and to your today's leads, and to the leads of tomorrow and ...
Suppose you have a website with 500 visitors a day, and o­ne in
fifty of them requests information. That's ten e-mails
you're going to have to send manually for the next few days
or weeks. And tomorrow you get another ten, and the next day
another ten... can you imagine how complicated managing this
process could be?

Each visitor to your site who requests more information is a hot
lead for your business. Don't ignore these people. Don't let
these prospects fade away because you don't have time to
personally contact them. Persistently go after the sale. These
potential clients will likely be buying from somewhere. It
should be from your site. Frankly, if you don't follow-up, you
will be losing sales.

Do you know this list ? :
2% of sales are made o­n the 1st contact
3% of sales are made o­n the 2nd contact
5% of sales are made o­n the 3rd contact
10% of sales are made o­n the 4th contact
80% of sales are made o­n the 5th-12th contact

Before your future customers buy from you, you must address all
their concerns and demonstrate the value you offer. You must
make it easy to buy from your site and provide your potential
customers with the assurance they need. You need to show them
how to use your product and you must prove that they will be
getting all the features they need to do the job.

That means that you must send multiple follow-up messages to your
leads of yesterday, and to your today's leads, and to the leads
of tomorrow and ...

Do you think you can handle that manually, without losing
control? Maybe you think you can, because you still have a small
number of visitors to your website. But you want your business
to grow, do you?

Sure, you do! So take my advice :
If you don't set up your business to run itself from the start,
you will have big problems later. You will struggle to manually
do chores that your computer should be handling for itself, and
your business will never really grow!

Why? Because, you will be so busy handling your daily chores,
that you don't have time for the most important thing :
"Your Marketing!"

Alex Simpson, the creator of Explosive List Building,
( http://www.my-autoresponder-secrets.com/listbuilding.html )
said this as follows: "Your business lives or dies by how well
you make consistent targeted efforts at selling more and more
stuff, to more and more persons, more often!"

And tell me, how can you concentrate o­n your marketing,
when you are full time busy with your daily concerns, that can
easily be done by a computer. And more, what is the fun of
doing all those things manually?

Do you want some samples of every day tasks for your

* Handle the routine FAQ
* Provide free "Special Reports"
* Send detailed product information
* Send a series of lessons o­n how to use your product
* Establish and build rapport
* Encourage prospects to become purchasers
* Email a series of discount coupons
* Tracking the response of different ads you run
* Encourage purchasers to buy additional products
* Send "thank-you" letters
* Send information o­n shipping, payment, warranty
* Ask your buyers for testimonials
* Follow up with Joint Venture Partners
* Sell back end products
* Subscription tool for your newsletter
* List handler for your newsletter

Please sit down for ten minutes with a piece of paper, and
write down how YOU can use an Autoresponder for YOUR business,
and the list will be much, much longer.

So do yourself a favor, and start automating what ever you can!
If you're not using auto-responders, you better start as soon
as possible!

Albert Hoogendoorn is the publisher of Autoresponder Ezine,
a free bi-weekly email newsletter about Autoresponders and
email marketing. Signup and get four valuable bonusses.

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