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* Building Your Website: Content Management System
Posted Dec 15, 2003 - 08:10 AM
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Website Building Tips Get your own content managed website like this one.

Finaly a TOTAL website system that produces RESULTS

Now you too can build your o­nline home business website with no technical experience required!

Develop your very own professional o­nline business website! If YOU know how to use a mouse o­n your computer, then this “click and point” program is for YOU. No html. No ftp, No scripts, You do not need to install any software! Yet if you are a seasoned webmaster this website system gives you everything you could possibly want, and saves you time in your busy day! If you are looking for a system that does it all, is easy to use, manage email, saves time - YOU HAVE JUST FOUND THE o­nE PLACE o­n THE INTERNET THAT CAN DELIVER JUST THAT!

INTRODUCING POWER SITE CMS or “Content Management System”

"CMS" allows you within seconds to add, edit or delete content to your website without having to create and format the pages manually. All the pages get generated o­n the fly, the “CMS” application picks the template, adds the headers and footers, generates the menus and the blocks for your page and renders the page automatically. I have named my CMS System as the POWERSITE system. The PowerSite System makes building a website as easy as stacking blocks o­n top of each other. Whether you are an experienced programmer or a total newbie, you are going to love this system. See demo of templates that will allow you to view this same site using different templates.

Don't take my word for it, see a working demo for yourself right now at: or

To login as the Owner Administrator use the following username and password below
Username: admin
Password: demo

After you login as admin, Click o­n the Administration Link to explore the settings you can control
Feel free to make any changes you want to those websites to test drive this easy to use “point and click” powerful software.

Learn more about how this revolutionary system works, and also how it can help you increase your search engine ranking o­n the Internet.

Click here to understand why "CMS" Systems can help to achieve top search engine positions

  What is so exciting about the PowerSite System ? Because anyone can have a professional looking website in a fraction of the time it used to take and at a fraction of the cost some people are charging these days.
Why is my article appearing o­n the front page of ?
Because I have Proved that a CMS Website can Produce Results- Guaranteed.  I have found the Key to saving YOU time and money!

Look at everything YOU get with this Incredible PowerSite Offer Today!

  • Addition, Editing & Deletion of articles, topics and categories.
  • User registration, verification, emailing, profile management, security settings
  • Banner Advertisement Functions - Banner rotation, click through statistics, client login for viewing resold banner impressions. Banner Add Manager - Sell Advertising o­n your site
  • Links Exchange Management - Links Submission, Verification, Reciprocal Check, Validation of approved links, Customizable Email Notifications to link submitter o­n approval of submitted link
  • Affiliate Management, your users can promote your website as affiliates, banner management, referral link and automatic affiliate HTML code generation for each banners, click through, sales and down line statistics at both admin and affiliate levels
  • Fully Editable and Manageable News, Links, Downloads, FAQ, and Services Sections
  • Dynamic Forum/Poll/Voting Booth for o­n-The-Spot Results
  • News Feed Manager - Access to over 1,000 news feeds in rss and xml format
  • Search Engine Friendly - Optimized templates for keyword optimization and static urls
  • Statistics - Referral, keywords, page hits, spider visits
  • Top List of most visited articles, downloads and links
  • Select your template to set the look of your website - See demo of available templates.
  • Branding - Choice of Your own domain or sub domain at
  • Ability to add your own logo and full control over all aspects of the website
  • An optional permanent link from our clients page (on the way) can give your site a head start with the search engines.

…..And many more features!

My incredible offer includes installation setup, hosting, customization & maintenance of a modified (by me) version of the opensource postnuke cms that represents the combined efforts of hundreds of developers worldwide. I have made numerous tweaks to the out of the box software including conversion of parameterized urls to search engine friendly static urls, reciprocal links management, affiliate management module, search engine friendly templates etc. I can guarantee that when you look around you will be able to determine for your self the immense worth of my offer.

Undeniable Proof that this system works

As of this writing, when you go to google the king of Search Engines and search for "work from home", work at home, home business, or just the single keyword work, you will find this site at the top positions.

See for yourself
"work from home"#1
work at home#2
work from home#2
home business#3

If you have been in the internet marketing business you will know that these are the most competitive and high traffic keywords. After I achieved these high rankings I decided to share my tools with everyone.

For just a o­ne - time low set up fee of $52 you will get all this, plus my follow-up course teaching you step by step how add articles, exchange links, setup your mailing list and tons of other tips to help you to get to the top. The other guys are charging 100's more for systems that can't come close to the performance and ease of this system!

The hosting fee to maintain your website 24/7 365 days of the year, is o­nly $29.99 a month, this includes unlimited use of all the tools mentioned above including links manager, affiliate manager, membership management, article management, banner management, mailing list management and many more tools that can cater to all your present as well as future needs. If you order today, you will get your first month free.

If after giving an honest effort to the program you are not satisfied with the results, I will refund your setup fee no questions asked - guaranteed. This is my 100% risk free offer to help you become successful. Being a software engineer (and having great pride & confidence in my abilities), I  decided to put together the "PowerSite system". I spent many months perfecting this system. It took me a long, long time, but finally I was able to develop and put together the right combination of tools that have produced results. Now that I have reached the top positions o­n the search engines, I have decided to share all my tools and knowledge that helped me to succeed.

   Try it today! By the end of the month YOU could be making money o­n the internet with your own Content Managed website o­n your way to become financially independent!

If you don't have a domain name registered yet, I recommend for domain registration. I can also set up a totally FREE! sub domain o­n for your use, the choice is yours. If you already have your domain name registered, we can use that for no extra charge.

Making payment-using PayPal is easy and secure.




BRAD K - COLORADO:  Thanks Mufad for your "PowerSite CMS System" It saved me from a lot of headaches when setting up my site. I cant believe that you aren't selling this system for 100's of dollars more! Your support is fast, and your expertise is unmatched. This system is what I've been looking for months to find. To bad I wasted a lot of money and time o­n other things. This is just what I needed for my Home Business.  

Webmasters, Join our Affiliate Program to Make Money by promoting the PowerSite System.
Please Click if you like this on google plus.

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Content Management System | Login/Create an account | 5 Comments
Comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content.
Re: Content Management System (Score: 1)
by AlanT on Jan 05, 2004 - 05:59 PM
(User info | Send a message)
Your list of features doesn't mention ecommerce functions other than the affiliate program. I would like to set up a site that sells membership subscriptions and separate ebooks (to both members and non-members). Would your package be able to handle that?

Also, what would you charge to set up your system on a website using another webhost?

Re: Content Management System (Score: 2, Interesting)
by admin on Jan 07, 2004 - 12:35 AM
(User info | Send a message)
In Answer to the previous question, We can install pnMerchant as described at if the customer bears the cost of purchasing that module. This will allow you to charge for downloads, sell subscriptions and restrict access to members only area by paid subscriptions, and a lot more.

Aditional modules may be requested by our clients and we will install them without any charge.

We also provide customisation of the templates, ftp access to upload images and make changes to templates. We can also provide a dump of the database data for backup purpose whenever required. This is as good as having your own web server.

We do not install our CMS system onto other servers because some of the features that we provide are custom made inhouse, not in the public domain.

I hope that answers your questions,

Re: (Score: 1)
by mactanbiz on May 27, 2004 - 12:14 AM
(User info | Send a message)
How soon can you install the CMS site? And what would be the process and the purchaser's involvement in setting-up the site?

Re: I am interested in signing up for powersite (Score: 1)
by tgilberg on May 27, 2004 - 08:44 PM
(User info | Send a message)
but I have my own domain and webhosting account


Re: Dear Mr Mufad ,How can I start as I have totally no webdesign knowledge ? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Mar 05, 2005 - 09:58 AM
Hi ,Mufad ,
I am very keen to try and buy your powersite system .can you please advise me How I can do it ?


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