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* Tracking Your Progress: Setting Up BizCounter
Posted Dec 17, 2003 - 11:41 AM
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Website Building Tips A UserGuide For BizCounter Free Web Counter and Statistics Service.

BizCounter is a visitor tracking system that anyone can easily setup o­n their website.

Features of BizCounter are:

  • Free
  • No Need to Link to us
  • You may choose to display a counter or to display nothing
  • Counter Display may be text or image
  • Image display can be customized using selected font, foreground, background colors, transparency etc.
  • Counter can display hits, pageimpressions, today's hits, today's pageimpressions, yesterday's hits,yesterday's pageimpressions, current month's hits, current month's pageimpressions, current o­nline users, download hits etc
  • Works even with javascript disabled
  • Statistics include
    • Referral Pages
    • Page Hits
    • Keywords used o­n SearchEngines
    • Ip, Domain, OS, Browser, Country, Screen Resolution, Colors used by visitors
    • Tracks pages by url as well as by Title
    • Path taken through your site by each visitor
  • Download Tracker, ClickThrough Tracker

To Setup Your Free BizCounter You should first create your account from
You will then receive an email with your password which you should use to login to your account and change your password to something you can remember.
The email will contain the code for bizcounter.js that you should upload to your server, you can also get this file from[yourid]
After you have uploaded the bizcounter.js file to your webserver you should use the following code o­n the pages you want to  track.

< script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="bizcounter.js">< /script>
<noscript><a href=""><img alt="work at home" src="[youruserid]&st=img"></a></noscript>

Replace [youruserid] by your user id that you created. If you do not want to upload the bizcounter.js file to your webserver, you can optionally change the src="bizcounter.js" in the code above to src="<A href="[yourid]"

By default, the script will not display anything o­n your webpage. the script is set to log the statistics in silent mode. If  you do not want to display a counter o­n your page, you are all set to track statistics, just load the modified page in your  browser and if you have set it up properly, you will start seeing the statistics in your account after you login. If you want to display a counter o­n your page, you need to change some variables in the script, this is explained below but before that,  let us set the image options for your counter.

When you login to your account, you'll find a tab 'userprofile'. That's the place where you can change all basic settings of  your account. You'll find a checkbox 'visible'. This is the global switch for all counter images/text o­n your whole site. If you uncheck this, you won't be able to make your counter visible at any place. Default is checked and most of you probably better keep it checked.
Below you'll find a pulldown-menu that contains TrueType-fonts. These fonts are used for your counter image creation. Other counter scripts often use premade images and you o­nly got a choice between a limited number of styles, but here you can  choose any font you like.  Below you'll find two color-palettes. The first o­ne sets the foreground color, the color of the letters. The second o­ne sets the background-color. If you check the 'transparent background'-checkbox, your background color  will be transparent.Still you should set a matching background-color to make your counter image look smoothly.
On the left side of the color-palettes you'll find an input-field that accepts all three kind of color-notations:

plain-text:   blue
RGB:          00+00+255
Hexadecimal:  #0000FF

Don't forget the insert the '+' if you use RGB format and don't forget to enter '#' before a hexadecimal string.
By clicking o­n 'Save configuration' your result will be displayed o­n the bottom (sample image).

Changing the bizcounter.js file
As mentioned above, Default option in the bizcounter.js is set to invisible. No matter if you checked 'visible' in your  userprofile or not!
The checkbox 'visible' in your userprofile is just kind of a global switch that turns off all visibility. The visibility  still has to be set o­n each page where you want it to show up!
We're going to use the following two variables: showme = 'y|n' and st = 'js|img'.
st stands for "show-type" and specifies the way how your visitors should get tracked. showme is the local switch for  visibility.

valid values for the st variable:

st='js'      for text output (DEFAULT)
st='img'     for image output

If you wish to make your counter visible, you need to set showme = 'y'

showme='n'   invisible (DEFAULT)
showme='y'   visible

As default is showme = 'n' and st = 'js', your counter would be completely invisible. In order to change mode insert another  line before the code you inserted above

 < script>showme='y'; st='img'< /script>

This example would make your counter visible and show it as an image using the image options you set in your userprofile. 
Same thing with text-output, just change the st variable to 'js'.

we provide our users with o­ne more script to display the hits in a customised way like showing the number of people currently o­nline or the number of hits of the current day.
showhits.php can do a lot!
Its purpose is just to display different information and not to track visitors. showhits.php will not alter anything in your database.
There are 2 different ways to display showhits.php:

st='js'      for text output (DEFAULT)
st='img'     for image output

The appropriate usage for those 2 modes are:

JavaScript [st = 'js']:

< script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="">< script>

Image-tag [st = 'img']:

<img alt="" src="">

The variable showme has no meaning in showhits.php - it is always set to 'y'. If you would not like to make it visible, you wouldn't call this script, right?! This script is o­nly meant to display stuff, that's why it is always visible.

There's a couple of more things that showhits.php can display. It can output today's hits, today's pageimpressions, this month's hits/pageimpressions, current o­nline users, amount of customers, total pageimpressions, download hits etc.
For, you just need to add another variable the code that has been described above: type

 type=   hits | pageviews | today | todayviews | yesterday | yesterdayhits |
         month | monthviews | o­nlineusr | customers | mpdl
 mpdl=   /your_url

         hits:           shows total hits (default)
         pageviews:      shows total pageimpressions
         today:          shows today's hits
         todayviews:     shows today's pageimpressions
         yesterday:      shows yesterday's hits
         yesterdayviews: shows yesterday's pageimpressions
         month:          shows current month's hits
         monthviews:     shows current month's pageimpressions
         o­nlineusr:      shows current o­nline users
         customers:      shows amount of activated useraccounts

Let's make an example: You wish to display the current o­nline users as text in your page:

JavaScript [st = 'js']:

< script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="">< /script>

Now, lets say you wish to display how many times /files/ got downloaded. You wish to display this as an image ( sure, you can display it also as txt using Javascript):

Image-tag [st = 'img']:

<img alt="" src=>

Ok, I hope that was clear enough.

There's a download counter integrated with your bizcounter account. In order to use it you just need to modify your links:

use this syntax, if is located relative to your primary URL (the first URL you set in your userprofile):

 <a href="[username]&url=/"></a>

If the file is located anywhere else, use an absolute path:

 <a href='[username]&url="></a>

Make sure you enter your correct username (without brackets '[]')

Thats About It.
If you need aditional features or if you have something nice to say to me, do feel free to send me an email.
Hapy Counting.

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by wealthsystem on Jul 13, 2004 - 02:08 AM
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Everyone who wants a hit counter should read this article.


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