Appropriate key words choice

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* Make Money with Your Website: Appropriate key words choice
Posted Dec 18, 2003 - 11:52 PM
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Search Engine Promotion Key words - these are the words that the users enter in a
given search engine to find services or products you offer.
It is extremely important to know what key words they will
Appropriate key words choice

By Veselin Andreev
Written in April 2003

What do the key words represent?

Key words - these are the words that the users enter in a
given search engine to find services or products you offer.
It is extremely important to know what key words they will
use. Selecting the appropriate for your activity key words
is the first thing you have to do because all other
strategies are built on their right choice.

How to select the appropriate for you key words?

Key words that will work best for you means to describe
exactly what you offer and meanwhile to be well used by
users. If your website is ranked number one in the search
engines results, after using key words that nobody uses,
your work will be useless.

• Don't count just on you when selecting the appropriate
for your business key words. The users might have a
completely different view about what to insert in the search
engines to find you.

Wonderful implement for defining the appropriate key words
is a specialized database called Wordtracker. First make a
list with appropriate key words that you think are similar
to your products or services. You could make such a list by
asking your clients how they would search your services or
products in Internet or you could view your competitors'
websites about what key words they had used, but don't copy
their information. Just look if they had used some key words
that could be useful for you. Then use the Wordtracker
database, which will show you every key word's popularity,
and how competitive it is (i.e. is it used a lot by users
and how many websites are optimized for it). As more they
are, as harder your website will reach the top in the search
engines ranking.

• The best choice will be if the selected word isn't so
competitive and has a very good popularity.

Besides Wordtracker gives you some additional possibilities
for choosing key words, that weren't mentioned before but
are in reality very appropriate. Be sure that you alternate,
combine the words, selected up to the moment. Much more
appropriate words could appear, too.

• To understand the way Wordtracker functions, use its free
version, although its paid version offers much more

Never count on orphaned key words!

Two or more words combination is a much better variant than
an orphaned word. The orphaned word is more common, while
the phrase much more specifies the search purpose. Let's
suppose that you are a manufacturer of solid wood
furnishings and take these two examples of key words.


"solid wood furnishings"

The first word is orphaned, so it is very common. When a
user searches some information by it, search engine will
sort all the sites where the word is contained, without
anything precise. There are maybe lots of sites. Besides
people using this word during their search are not from your
target audience. They are not among the users that could buy
your products, they are not interested in your products and

By using the next phrase the user is aware of what exactly
he is looking for and defines, limits the search to some
definite kind of furnishings (solid wood furnishings in that
case) and the relevant search engine sorts better, more
precise results. The possibility your products to be bought
in that case is bigger than in the previous one, maybe
because the user needs these furnishings as he/she searches
that way.

• That's why always add to a key word, corresponding to
business like yours, some additional, specific only for your
business words to define and to specify the process.


Veselin Andreev is one of the Svilaves founders - website
design and promotion services, the quality and effect of
which are aiming at the successful development of their
clients business. Read the exact details of their services
on the address:


You have permission to publish this article electronically
or in print, in your Newsletter, on your website, or in your
E-Book, as long as the author's Resource Box is included
with the article.
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