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* Make Money with Your Website: Affiliate Program for
Posted Jan 02, 2004 - 07:39 AM
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Affiliate Programs You can earn money by promoting this website.

Affiliate Program for

Get 50% commission o­n all ebooks and products sold through this site.
Earn Points for each visitor that you send to our site and get Free advertising.

Several Reasons To Join

  • Earn generous recurring commission fees of 50% o­n all sales

  • Earn points for each click that you send. You can view live clickthrough details about the number of clicks, referring pages and ipaddress of all the visitors you send to us. Each visitor you send will earn you points that are updated o­n our main page every hour.

  • The top 5 scorers will get free banner advertising o­n this site each month. This alone is worth a lot. In addition you get free publicity by having a link to your site in your profile. The profiles of the current top scorers are linked from our main page and updated every hour. The names of the top hundred scorers are listed in our score details page with a detailed breakup of point earnings.
  • When a visitor comes to our site though your affiliate link, the referrer block o­n the top left above the "Home Menu" will show your username with a permanent link to your website and profile o­n all pages of our site. This block will be set permanently and will show o­n all pages even when the visitor closes the browser and comes back, giving you still more publicity.
  • You'll be promoting unique, high-quality website. You will not be promoting some get rich scheme or any other related stuff...this is top quality information that really helps people to make money.

  • We have just launched our services and we got an impressive start up, however we don’t have yet many affiliates, which is good for you because always the first o­nes will make the big checks.

  • You get credit for the sale even if the visitor you refer doesn't buy for another month, or two months, or even three months! Most affiliate programs o­nly pay you if the visitor buys the product immediately during the same browser session. You will get the credit when your visitor purchases any of our products, in any order and at any time.

  • You get access to live statistics o­nline to check up o­n your earnings. We provide you with ClickThrough Statistics, Referral Statistics and Sales Statistics so you know exactly how much you are earning and by which methods.

  • We have no minimum payout restrictions That means that you can get paid after just o­ne sale o­n

  • We pay out commissions every month through PayPal

Here's How To Begin

  • Step 1. Signup for free o­n our site as a user. In addition to being an affiliate, there are several benefits of registering.
  • Step 2. Now that you have your username, simply create the links to include o­n your website, ebook or e-mail messages.

    Use the below link to put o­n your website or newsletter.

    Replace the xxxxx with your username.

    You can similarly ink to any page, for example
    or any other page with your id.
    where you should replace xxxxx with your username.

  • Step 3. Click o­n the links with your username to verify that the referrer block appears o­n the top left of all pages of this site when you follow your link. After you add your homepage link to your userprofile, the referrer block o­n the top left of all pages will include a direct link to your Home Page. You can login and click o­n MyAccount link in the Home Menu to find your affiliate center. Here you can find banners and real time detailed clickthrough, downline and sales stats.

    We do not register repeated clicks by the same visitor. This way you can be sure that you will get credit for genuine visitors that you send to us.

    You may use any marketing method except spam.
    All the Best!

Please Click if you like this on google plus.

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Affiliate Program for | Login/Create an account | 6 Comments
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by arop on Jun 06, 2004 - 03:00 AM
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Re: Affiliate Program for (Score: 1)
by wealthsystem on Jul 06, 2004 - 08:46 AM
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It only makes sense to refer the products and services you use to others.

Banners (Score: 1)
by firehotsauces on Aug 19, 2004 - 12:56 PM
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I joined the affliate program to advertise your business on my site. I have a high traffic site also. How do I link up with a banner sorce code html cut-paste with banner and my affliate membership number on it. Also I would like to know where you got the wizard into guy I would like to have that on my site also. Would you tell me how to obtain that program or html code, setup etc.

Re: Great Mom Opportunity (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Jul 31, 2005 - 08:14 AM

An Awesome Opportunity For Moms Who Want To Be a Full Time Mom and Still Make Money!
Finally... You don't have to choose between making money and making time for your family! o­ne of the best decisions you can make is to contribute to your family by building a full-time income and still be a full-time mom.  Check out my site today!!

Re: Great Mom Opportunity (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Jul 31, 2005 - 08:17 AM
An Awesome Opportunity For Moms Who Want To Be a Full Time Mom and Still Make Money!Finally... You don't have to choose between making money and making time for your family! one of the best decisions you can make isto contribute to your family by building a full-time income and still be a full-time mom. Check out my site today!!!

Re: Work at home | Find work at home (Score: 1)
by Bestbetbiz on Feb 10, 2006 - 12:01 AM
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Our company offers an alternative for those who are working paycheck to paycheck without changing what they are doing now. Start earning more money from home today!

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