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* Make Money with Your Website: Credit Cards
Posted Jan 21, 2004 - 05:36 AM
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Advertising Techniques What Are The Big Advantages Of Accepting Credit Cards o­nline?
  • 87% of Internet customers pay by credit card. That's why accepting credit cards o­nline is proven to boost orders by nearly 400% (compared to just offering the option of sending in a check or money order).

  • Customers trust you more, because you look like a real business -- not a fly-by-night operation, or a hobbyist working from your kitchen table.

  • Online orders increase your profit per sale because (1) they eliminate the cost of using 800 numbers and live operators, and (2) credit card buyers are less concerned with price than cash buyers -- which means you can raise your prices and lose almost no business.

  • Without a merchant account, you're at the mercy of your customers (who often get distracted and forget to send their checks), the Post Office (which takes at least three days to deliver your checks), and your bank (which makes you wait several more days for the checks to clear your account)!

  • With the right merchant package, your customer's money is instantly and automatically wired into your bank account, ready to spend within 24-48 hours. This means you can immediately reinvest your earnings, grow your business, and keep up with the rapid growth of the Internet. Even if you just use the money to pay your bills sooner, your life will be a lot less stressful.

  • With o­nline credit card processing, you'll capture many more orders from people buying o­n impulse. You see, because most people use their phone lines to access the Internet, they can't call you while they're o­nline! So even if you accept credit cards by phone through an 800 number, by the time most people log off to call you, the impulse is gone, they have second thoughts, or they simply forget!

  • The secure server ordering process is hands-free. If you already accept credit cards by phone or mail, and you're processing them off-line, you know that it can take hours to batch the orders, process them by hand, send confirmations to your customers, and enter their information in your database. Why burden yourself with these time-consuming routines when it can all be done automatically?

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