How to make money selling affiliate products

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* Work at Home: How to make money selling affiliate products
Posted Jan 30, 2004 - 07:00 AM
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Affiliate Programs Learn how to sell affiliate products even if you don't have a website.

You have probably heard about affiliate programs. You promote somebody else’s product and get a commission when a visitor you refer buys the product. Many people quickly sign up for these programs, place the affiliate link o­n their website expecting sales to roll in like an avalanche, but are soon disappointed. Being a successful affiliate requires discipline, creativity and strategy. o­ne can write a book about how to be a successful affiliate, but in this article I will focus o­n a strategy that can make you a top selling affiliate even if you don’t have a website.

What affiliate program you should choose? Well, it’s up to you, there are many to choose from. I recommend using Clickbank, since they have over 10,000 digital products and rank their products based o­n number of affiliate sales each product is generating. I suggest selecting a product that gives you at least $20 commission o­n a sale. Products with lower commissions are simply not worth promoting, because promotion is going to cost you money.

The main advantage of an affiliate program is that you don’t have to develop your own product to sell. The product is there; your efforts must be focused o­n promoting it. o­ne of the best ways of promoting a product, when you don’t have a high traffic website, is using Pay Per Click advertising.

Pay per click advertising is the hottest new marketing medium. Pioneered by Overture, PPC advertising is offered by major search engines including Google. PPC method allows an advertiser to bid o­n specific keywords and when a search engine user is searching for that particular keyword, the advertiser’s add appears in the search results. You get charged o­nly when that user click o­n the ad. For example, an advertiser may bid o­n the word “camera”. When a user searches for the word “camera”, the advertiser’s ad would appear in the search results. The rank of the ad in the search results depends o­n the advertiser’s bid, since the highest bidder gets the top position.

Which search engine should you use to promote your affiliate product? I recommend using Google’s Adwords.

Publisher's Note : you can get a free10$ credit when you signup for an overture ppc account
You can also try kanoodle for a free 5$ promotional credit
Google adwords does not provide a promotional credit using referral links.

PPC advertising is quite effective for promoting affiliate programs, especially if you don’t have a website. When you sign up for Clickbank or some other affiliate program, you will be given a nickname or an affiliate code that you must insert inside a link used to direct people to the vendor’s sales page. In a PPC advertising campaign this will be the destination link. For example, let’s say you have signed up with Clickbank and have decided to promote an ebook about weight loss. You open an account with Google Adwords, and create an add for this particular ebook. When creating your add, you will be asked to enter a destination url, this is the address of the website that the user will be taken to when they click o­n your add. You must use your affiliate name or code inside this destination url or link, so that when the user clicks o­n your add and is taken to the vendor’s sales page and subsequently purchases a product you will get your commission. As you can see, you do not need a website to promote an affiliate product. You can use the PPC add to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate’s sales page, and when someone from this pool of traffic purchases the product you get a commission. More sales you generate, more money you make.

When setting up your add you have to decide which keywords you will bid o­n. Google has a keyword suggestion tool but it does not tell you how many times a keyword was searched in the past. I recommend using another free keyword suggestion tool. This amazing tool tells you the number of searches that were conducted both o­n Overture and Wordtracker throughout the previous month for each keyword phrase. This should give you good idea what words and phrases are being searched by search engine users and enable you to target your keywords accordingly.

Publisher's Note : The google keyword sandbox sorts the related keywords in order of traffic with the highest traffic keywords listed first, but it does not give the exact number of clicks per day. This number can be obtained while setting up your campaign after you login to your google adwords account. The free KeyWord Research Tool from Overture is also worth using.

When writing your PPC add, you must use a catchy headline to get the viewer to click o­n your add. I suggest using words like achieve, discover, lose, make, overcome, protect, enjoy, enhance, satisfy, seek, win. These words have a psychological effect o­n humans and have been statistically proven to get people’s attention. Of course, your headline must fit the product you are promoting. In the body of your add describe some of the benefits of the product and include a call to action. Tell the viewer what you want them to do: buy, order, download. After your add goes live, you should monitor it and see how many clicks you are getting. If you are not getting enough clicks, modify your add and try a different headline.

Mastering PPC advertising takes time, but o­nce you know what you’re doing, you can promote any affiliate program and make good money doing it. I know several affiliates that make a comfortable living by promoting affiliate products using solely PPC advertising. If you want to learn more about using PPC advertising to make money, I recommend an excellent book by Chris Carpenter called GoogleCash. I recommend this book because it is a step-by-step guide filled with practical and real examples. Remember, the worst thing an affiliate can do is give up easily. Set a strategy, stick by it and you will succeed. Good Luck

John Bekian frequently writes o­n various business topics and is the owner of, which sells various digital products and packages.

Publisher's Note : If you do not want to be paying for advertising and want to know how you can use easy website building tools to find your way naturally into the regular search engine results, then you must look at our Power Site System.

Note: John Bekian
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by wealthsystem on Jul 14, 2004 - 10:36 AM
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Great article on Pay per click advertising.


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