Create A Mini Website In 10 Steps

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* Building Your Website: Create A Mini Website In 10 Steps
Posted Jan 31, 2004 - 02:07 AM
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Website Building Tips How to Create A Mini Website In 10 Steps
The fastest and easiest path to making money o­nline is to find high demand keywords with little competition.

Then create a mini website (1 or 2 pages) and upload to your web host.

To create a quick and easy webpage or site these are the steps I take:

I use Frontpage2000 almost exclusively.
Some web designers look down o­n FP but it works for me.

They like either Dreamweaver or NetFusion, which I have never used. So I can't give you my
opinion. But I will say my 4+ years of using FP2000 has been a love/hate relationship

I love the ease and speed you can create a page, but hate the way it adds code and has a quirky nature of the software.

But overall, it does the job and if you want to see some examples I have done, go to:

Ok, I'm not that artistic but I like to keep them simple and easy to navigate. That is important as
most surfers click, scan for a few seconds and either stay or click off. You need above all, CONTENT! for the visitor or the Search Engines.

The steps I take to create a o­ne pager with FP2000:

1. Write the content with Notepad, Word or any text editor.

2. Open a new page in the folder (on your computer) you will store your web site.

3. Open a template. I use 10 templates I bought from Jimmy D. Brown, my favorite author. You can see them here:

4. Copy/paste content in new page.

5. If selling something, add an order button or link. I use either Clickbank, Paypal or (I like Regsoft because they accept phone and check orders, I like Clickbank because they pay every two weeks, lol)

6. Add any other links to pages, contact us, or special offers.

7. Create metatags (I use an 'instant metatag creator' I got in the software package at Free Software Forever.

8. Add a pop up, either entrance, exit or pop under. I know you hate 'em and I don't like a site
to throw 3,4,5 in a row. But they do work, and work well if done sparingly. I use Jimmy Brown's Eyepoppin' Popups to create them.

9. Upload to your web host, using Frontpage extensions or ftp. I can use FTP but its a little more hassle.  You need to make sure your host has FP extensions available and they have activated the transfer of nameservers (DNS).

10. Voila! A brand new web page for millions to see
Oh yeah, make sure all the links and order buttons work!

That's it, not hard to do o­nce you have done a few hundred ! Just kidding.

Don't forget to get some traffic, and I have covered that thoroughly in the last few issues.
You can read them here.

Dan publishes "Build An eBusiness o­n A Shoestring" a free newsletter with original, what works for me experiences.
You also get 3 ebooks for subscribing by going to:

Publisher's Note : The ten steps outlined in this article have been simplified and now you can build your template driven website with automatic optimization, automatic linking of articles and reciprocal links management. You do not need to know FTP or HTML or FrontPage, just point and click by using our power website building program.

Note: Dan
Please Click if you like this on google plus.

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by asi_malik on Feb 10, 2004 - 01:02 AM
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