How to Succeed at Network Marketing Online

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* Marketing: How to Succeed at Network Marketing Online
Posted Feb 18, 2004 - 03:05 PM
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Multi Level  Marketing - The Truth To succeed at network marketing online, you must set yourself apart from the herd.
Network marketing o­n the internet is a marriage made in heaven. So why are so many network marketers struggling o­nline?

It's so simple, o­nce you understand what the internet is all about.

Why Go o­nline?

Why take your network marketing business o­nto the internet in the first place? Before we discuss how to make it work, let's take a look at why we want to do it!

What is the o­ne thing network marketers fear the most?

C'mon, admit it... the phone!

Some people are natural networkers. They can talk to anybody, anywhere, anytime... about anything. But most of us aren't like that. Most of us have to learn the fine art of networking. And getting yourself to pick up that phone and make those calls can be a major roadblock to success.

But learn to combine the internet and network marketing effectively, and people will be contacting YOU! Even the shyest network marketer can achieve success when network marketing o­n the internet is done right.

You Can Afford It!

The internet is the great equalizer. For next to nothing you can set up your network marketing business o­n the internet. Doing business o­n the web is getting easier and cheaper every day.

And you don’t need to be a technical wizard to do it!

Establish Your Credibility

Imagine having your own web site out there getting free traffic, dispensing great information, establishing your expertise and credibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The o­nly way to set yourself apart from the crowd is... to set yourself apart from the crowd!

Keep in Touch

The Money is In The List. If you want your network marketing business to succeed o­n the internet, take this rule to heart. Start your own ezine. Studies have shown that people tend to buy after an average of 5 or 6 contacts. Follow up is vital!

Offline, you'd have to follow up using the phone or snail mail. Pretty tedious and expensive. How many distributors really follow up consistently and effectively?

On the internet, you can reach thousands (or tens of thousands) at the push of a button. Publish your own ezine, keep giving people great information - or inspiration! - and your network marketing business will grow exponentially as your subscriber list grows.

Your ezine doesn't have to be a major production. (And it shouldn’t be merely a sales pitch for your business.) But it does have to have value. Lots and lots of value!

You Deserve More Than a Cookie Cutter!

But Network Marketers aren't making good use of these o­nline tools. Here's what typically happens...

Network Marketers are obsessed with "duplication". They believe that everything they do has to be easily duplicatable by the greenest new recruit. So when they take their business o­nto the internet, they start creating replicating web sites. These are cookie cutter sites that look like everyone else's.

You can personalize "your" site with your own contact information. And some replicating web sites also allow more extensive personalization - maybe a page where you can add your own comments. But for the most part, you have absolutely no control over the content o­n your website. It is, in truth, not really yours.

And these sites attract precious little traffic from the free search engines.

Why, oh why, would you want to pass up free traffic?

The fact is, most people go o­nline to find information. But network marketers aren't giving the people what they want! They're just selling, selling, selling.

Trying to take before you give just doesn't work.

The Myth of Duplication

Duplication is a concept that is greatly misunderstood. What you need to give the people in your downline is an open-ended system that they can apply to their own business. They need a plan - not a cookie cutter system.

People prefer to do business with those they know, like and trust. You can't get that through mindless duplication! You've got to leave room for the personal in your system. You've got to establish yourself as someone who's likeable and trustworthy. And you've got to teach your downline to do likewise.

Building a web site that is truly your own gives you a way of establishing that personal touch o­n the web. Following up with your own ezine will give you the personal contact and credibility you need to build your business easily and stress free.

Establish your own website and ezine and start providing your visitors and subscribers with great content. Pick a topic that would be of interest to your prospects, and give them the best information available.

Help them! Give them what they're looking for. When you do, suddenly you're the expert. People will start coming to you - and your business - for help.

Ok, now you know. Go! Get out there and build yourself a reputation o­n the web - not just for your network marketing business, but for yourself!

Joan Linwood is a home based entrepreneur and publisher of The Happy Home Business, a free ezine dedicated to helping you make your home business lifestyle truly joyful and profitable. You can subscribe at

Publisher's Note : The system that we use to build and mantain this site is truely duplicable and anyone can easily use this system to create a template driven website that ranks high o­n the search engines. More Details at

Note: Joan Linwood
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