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* Marketing: Internet Marketing Traps
Posted Mar 21, 2004 - 04:28 AM
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Pillars of Internet Marketing A parable about Internet Marketing

Right now, there's a coyote howling his heart out just down the road from my house.

And why is he howling? Because he wants other coyotes to come and join him o­n the hunt. Most likely, he's an experienced coyote. He knows that a group hunt often brings in more game than hunting alone.

Hmmm. And you thought us humans were the o­nly o­nes into network marketing?

However, I'm afraid not all of the human network marketers are as smart as that old coyote.

You see, that coyote is standing right out there in the open calling all who will listen to his side. Every other coyote around knows exactly where his is, who he is, and what he wants from
them. Plus, he's advertising what they will get out of a group hunt as well. He's likely scented out some game already, has a place to start, and a likely plan for success.

A lot of human networkers don't deliver all that.

Nope, human networkers often call out loud all right, but then they go hide. They don't want people to know who they are, they just want their money. They hide behind a fancy howl, but
don't often have a proven plan of attack or even a well thought out starting point.

Humans get too excited about making a quick killing, getting others to do the running for them so they can just show up at the right time and enjoy some meat.

Well, let me tell you a different story about another coyote.

This coyote heard what he thought was an easy meal being practically delivered to him. He heard the desperate cry of a dying jackrabbit echoing o­n the wind. Anxious for the easy meal, this coyote ran out across the field toward the sound and headed right up the hill where he knew that poor injured rabbit was just strung out for him like plate full of Hasenpfeffer.

You see, he figured some other coyote had already caught that jackrabbit and that he could just sort of ease o­n in there, do some fancy talking, and get a mouthful or two for himself.

Well, it didn't quite turn out that way. As he come up that hill, directly to where he'd heard the dying screams of that jack, he didn't come across any other coyote, nor a rabbit for that

Nope, he ran face first into a human. That human was a hunter, blowing o­n a call designed to imitate the sounds of a dying jackrabbit, looking down the barrel of a rifle, and thinking how
good a coyote's hide looked with a taxidermist's tan o­n the inside of it.

And there was a whole lot of empty space between them.

Humans run into the same kind of problems from time to time, figuratively speaking, of course.

Those who choose to chase easy money quite often end up victims of the game themselves. It's a hard lesson. The lure of the Internet's "Big Money" potential is strong, just like that of an easy meal for a coyote.

There's much more success in working a practical plan, however. Invest your time and money in real companies, with real products, filling real consumer demands.

All coyotes are hungry, but o­nly the o­nes that hunt the right trails get to eat. Those trails are the same o­nes that have held game for generations before and will hold game for generations to come.

Just because the Internet is new, it doesn't mean the economics of supply and demand have changed. People still expect value for their money. They still want real products that they can
benefit from.

Stick with the pack. Learn the time proven realities of real business strategies and avoid the 10 minute plan to instant Internet glory.

I've already told you what's waiting for you o­n the other end of that call.

Lissa Jannini is the Editor / Publisher of
©BreakTrue Impact Newzine.
and © Home Biz Tips Newsletter


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