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* Marketing: Free Classified Advertising
Posted Apr 18, 2004 - 11:25 AM
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Advertising Techniques Why Classified ads are waste? Do you think it won't produce any result? Learn more about free classified advertising!
The Truth Of Free Classified Advertisement:


Most of the experts say, it's not worth to promote any product/service through classified sites. Because it's not so feasible to reach targeted traffic, and of course it's time consuming too. May be it's correct, but not exactly!

Now listen, if you are an affiliate and would like to promote your product/service through classified sites read this article thoroughly.

Let me tell you the reason why most of you people found classified advertisement is useless.

Mistakes You Does!

1)You always try to promote your affiliate link rather than your products/ services. I mean you try to build-up your down-line. In each and every classified sites there is a huge listings of business opportunity like, “Be millionaire within 30 days; 100% Free!”, “No investment. earn15000$ monthly Guaranteed!” etc etc etc. Remember 99% of the people, who enter into “Business Opportunity” section in a classified site, are not “Opportunity Seeker” they are all “Opportunity Provider”!

2)You never research from where the “site” is getting traffic. Genuine traffic is important. If the site is getting traffic from “banner exchange”, “pay per click” etc. then it's waste.

3)You place the ad on low traffic sites and idiot sites, where the visitors are coming to place ads of “on line ad typing”, “mail ID collector” etc. Scams. Such peoples are never been interested in browsing other ads on that site.

4)You place the ad on high traffic sites and simply forget it. Your ad will be pushed down as and when there is a new post from your competitor. So if there is any potential buyer for your products, there is a god chance that, buyer won't notice your ad! (This is just like page rank in google)

5)Your header is not effective: If you can't attract a customer with a powerful header, then don't expect that they read the complete description. “1000 Killer Ads” might help you.

Few Tips & Tricks:

1)First of all you have prepare at least ten killer headers, for your entire description (Product/service) “1000 Killer Ads” might help you.

2)Choose at least 100 sites (there are more than 2000 free classified sites) to post, after making thorough research.

3)Check the Number of posting in that particular site for your category. It's very important to make sure that your ad appears on “top ten listings”.

OK, now assume that, you want to promote “Vitamin Syrup”. It should appear in the “Health Care” category. If the site displays 10 ads per page and if there is more than 10 posting daily, your ad will be pushed-down to next page. Most of the people never go to second page at all. So there is a good chance to miss a customer! (It will not generate any result, even if your ad stands for 30 days).

So the solution is, you have to post new ad on at-least every alternative days. When you post the ad on second time change the header; it's not necessary to change other content. But if you change it it's well & good.

Repeat the process for ten times with ten different headers. It would definitely generate good result for you, if you had chosen a perfect classified site.

If it doesn’t produce any result, then you have to conclude that, there is no buyer for your product!

Anyway, this trick sounds great! But there is some problem. It sups 5-10 minuets to post into a single site. It’ll kill one hour if you post to 10 sites. To post 100 sites how long it will take?

If you are a hard worker and willing to spend lots of time, then you can do it manually. Else you have to recruit some one, who can handle this work. But it’s not cost effective.

So how to ease this job? There is good news for you. New classified ad submission software is launched. You can submit your classified ad to more than 2000 classified sites in a single click daily!

If you are interested, you
can check out Power
Submitter Software

Have a nice day
Mahesh Bhat K M

1.I’m 24 years old and slowly growing e-biz man.
2.This is my very first article in my life about e-biz. Therefore errors/mistakes regretted.
3.This article must not be relied on as providing sufficient advice in any case

Please Click if you like this on google plus.

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