Use Critics to learn about your weakness

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* Marketing: Use Critics to learn about your weakness
Posted Apr 20, 2004 - 03:26 AM
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Effective Selling Over the course of time there's a lot of valuable lessons I've learned about business. One of the most important is who to take business advice from.
Should you listen to your fans?
How about your family? My advice is..... always listen to your critics!

No matter what business you are in there are always going to be three kinds of people associated with you.

1. People that love your product/service

2. People that think you are "ok"

3. and people that think you are the worst thing on the planet

While I love to get mail from my fans telling me how great I am, if I had to pick just one of these groups to get feedback from it would undoubtedly be #3. Why? Because they will tell
you the truth. They say all the things that you don't want to hear..... which is everything you need in order to improve!

If you plan on running a great business you NEED people to tell you what you're doing wrong. As much as it might hurt the ego to have anything negative said about your business, chances are, if they are thinking it there are others just like them out there that never told you.

These people will tell you many important details you may never get elsewhere like......

Why they don't like your product / service.....

What you could do to make them like it....

Other services like yours that are "better"

That you are a bad person and they don't like you

With the exception of that last one these are things every business owner would love to know. This brings me to my next point.

Don't listen to people that target YOU, only the ones that have something valuably negative to say about your business. Here are two sample comments..... both negative but only one will
cause me to think......

1. "You obviously have no talent..... my third grade kid could do that better!"

2. "Your product seemed to crash every time I tried to use it. Not to mention the colors were horrible! I will never buy from you again!"

The first comment will cause one reaction....... Delete! The second statement, although also negative, identifies the reason that the customer was unhappy with the service they received.
This is the kind of e-mail I hope to get!

Believe me........ you want to know WHY people don't like your product.

The next step is to take all these comments and find any common theme. If several people have the same complaint it's probably something you want to look into fixing. Keep in mind that no
matter how great it is, there will always be someone that doesn't like it. This is why you should try to focus on the common dissatisfactions from your customers (or non customers).

I think you get the idea. The point is..... When you get an e-mail that is negative, turn it into a positive! Turn your weaknesses into your strengths and watch you business grow from it.

Good luck!

Resource Box:
Keith Bryan has over 9 years experience in both Internet and other forms of advertising and marketing. For more information, tips, tricks, hot products and articles check out or e-mail us at
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