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* Building Your Website: Banner and Button Ads
Posted Apr 24, 2004 - 02:34 AM
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Understanding Web Graphics This article takes the mystery out of banner and button ads.

A Work at Home Mom Guide: Answers to Banner and Button Ad FAQ’s

Welcome to World Wide Web of Work at Home Mom Advertising! It’s quite an adventure when you first step into the Work at Home Mom virtual marketplace. It can sometimes be quite scary. There is so much to learn and everything seems to move so quickly.

In my experiences of Work at Home Mom Advertising the most frequent question I get from newcomers is, “There’s all this talk about banner and button ads, where do I start?” I’ve even
been told many times, “HELP! I’m lost when it comes to banner and buttons” which has been my very favorite statement.

Banner and button ads are fairly simple to explain. The most common questions that I answer are those related to:

-What is a banner ad?
-What is a button ad?
-What file type is a banner or button ad?
-Where can you use banners and buttons?
-How do I save my banner/button to my computer?
-How do I link a banner or button to my website?
-What does it mean when a business asks for my HTML code for my banner?
-How do I use a banner/button in my email?

What is a banner ad?
A banner ad is an advertisement (static or animated) that can be used for advertising your business o­n the web. Banner ads are typically 468 by 60 pixels in size. You don’t have to look far for an example. You see these everywhere o­n the web as advertisements.

What is a button ad?
A button ad is an advertisement (static or animated) that can be used for advertising your business o­n the web. Button ads are typically 125 by 125 pixels in size, but can be of various sizes depending o­n the needs of your website or where you are advertising. You can also use buttons as small graphics o­n your site. Many sites use this size ad for button swaps or exchanges.

What file type is a banner or button ad?
Banner and button ads are typically sent in .gif static or animated form. However, they can also be .bmp or .jpg files amongst other choices. If it’s a picture format it can be a banner.

Where can you use banners and buttons?
You can use banners and buttons in many places including (but not limited to):

-As a logo o­n your website
-As advertising o­n your website
-As advertisement o­n other websites
-In banner rotations
-In link exchanges
-In your emails as a signature

How do I save my banner/button to my computer?
When someone sends you your completed ad, simply right click o­n the image and choose "save". Choose a place to put it o­n your computer, and don't forget where you put it. Note: If the graphic is animated, don't open the graphic first and then save it unless you have an animation enabled program to save it in.

How do I link a banner or button to my website?
Linking your banner is not something the artist does. Most places you advertise will link the banner for you. They typically ask you to upload your graphic, and then tell them where to link it. If this is not the case, you’ll need to put your banner or button up o­n the web, and hyperlink the
graphic to go to the site you specify.

What does it mean when a business asks for my HTML code for my banner?
To insert the HTML code/link for the location of your banner all you need to do is have your banner "parked" somewhere o­nline where they can access it. All this is fancy wording for the "properties" of the parked graphic.

To find the properties of your ad you'll need to upload (park) it o­n a page using your FTP or publishing extensions.
Once that is done, go to that page and right click the ad, choose properties, and see your location. That is the link to your banner location. If you want your ad/graphic hyperlinked to your home page you must have already done that when you initially parked your banner. Remember, if you remove the banner, or move it to another folder o­n your site, the location will change thus rendering the link invalid.

How do I use a banner/button in my email?
For users other than Outlook you may want to consult your help files in your email o­n how to insert a graphic/picture. From there, consult your help files o­n how to insert a hyperlink to a graphic. This is COMMON so there will probably be existing help files o­n the topic.

For Outlook users:
-Open the NEW EMAIL
-INSERT, PICTURE (browse to find the graphic o­n your computer)
-Highlight the picture, INSERT, HYPERLINK
-Type in the hyperlink

*You must have already saved the graphic to your computer to find it.

To keep this in EVERY email you'll need to set it up as a signature. Follow these simple steps to do that successfully:

-Follow the instructions above for inserting the ad into your email
-Copy this entire part-- graphic and text-- by right clicking and choosing COPY
-Leaving that email open go back to your main screen of Outlook
-Name Your Signature
-Start with a blank signature, choose NEXT
-Right click in the text box, and PASTE your graphic and text
-Save it by choosing FINISH
-OK, APPLY, OK. Then go back and close your open email and open another new o­ne! You should see your signature there!

Tara Crooks is the site owner and editor of Tara’s journey with Work at Home Mom Advertising began when her first site launched in June of 2001. Since, she has built a great Work at Home Mom Advertising Resource at Advertising Moms and a successful Work at Home Mom Business Opportunity at The Candle Coop. She is a PROUD Army Wife and Work at Home Mom!

Note: Tara Crooks
Please Click if you like this on google plus.

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