The Cycle of Word of Mouth

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* Promoting Your Website: The Cycle of Word of Mouth
Posted Apr 29, 2004 - 05:41 AM
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Generate more traffic for your site WAHM Tara Crooks explains the Cycle of Word of Mouth and it's effect on your business.
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The Cycle of Word of Mouth

The power is in the numbers.

Have you ever wondered…

What is your most effective advertising campaign?
How people are finding your website?
How you can attract more potential sales?

It’s a cycle, a cycle of numbers. It’s a cycle you’re going to want to jump right on into. It’s one cycle of which you don’t want your business to break.

The cycle begins.

Customer A places an order for your product. She is very impressed by your service and your product and thanks you promptly. Later that month she over-hears co-workers B & C telling each other about a product similar to yours. She jumps in the conversation and offers her opinion on your product. The co-workers listen intently, and then return to their work. They promptly place their orders at your website.

Each of the co-workers B & C receives your product and is impressed. They each thank you, and vow to become customers for life.

Later that week, co-worker B is at her family gathering, talking to relatives, when she remembers the new product she just purchased, and tells her relatives. Each of the relatives hurries home and (for the sake of argument) half of them place orders for your product.

Also later in the week, co-worker C is with her friends on a girls’ night out. She’s using your product when they arrive at dinner. “Wow,” one of them says, “That’s a great product.” All five of C’s girlfriends love her new product. They can’t wait to check it out on Monday while they are at work playing on the internet.

Let’s explore the ABCs.

A was the original customer. From that purchase A talked to B and C. B talked to her relatives D, E, F, G, and H. C talked to her five girlfriends I, J, K, L, and M. D, E and F didn’t order but G and H did. They each told two people N, O, P, and Q. I and J got into trouble while surfing the net on company time but they checked it out when they got home. They each emailed their family and told all their co-workers R, S, T, U and V. K and L ordered your product and were thrilled, so they each told someone, W and X. M ordered because you had free shipping and she told her mom and her friend, Y and Z.

Now, if you followed all of that you are PDQ!

Let’s add it up.

No matter how you spell it, the numbers add up when you realize how many people you can touch with one initial customer. Sure, this may be a fabricated and perfect rendition of the cycle, but it’s not too far from the truth. From the first customer, through the alphabet, the cycle touched at least twenty-six potential customers. Of the twenty-six, there were ten orders, three non-orders, and thirteen potential orders. These contacts will only go on to tell more contacts, and more contacts, and yet more contacts. That’s just with the first initial contact. Think about how many people with whom you come into contact each day.

Word of mouth is your most powerful advertising tool when it comes to getting your name out there. The best part about it is that it’s totally free! There is nothing more powerful than a sincere recommendation from a personal contact. There is a certain sense of trust related to the fact that the person has heard about, used, or read about your product or service that makes the potential consumer feel comfortable.

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this statement. Word of mouth isn’t always positive. Sometimes it can be as simple as “whatever you do, don’t use so and so”. If you’re “so and so” you’re in big trouble when that word spreads!

Each customer you service knows at least ten other people that could be potential sales. Be on your toes as a business owner and constantly provide exceptional customer service, a quality product, and genuine personality. Your success depends on it!

Remember, the power is in the numbers, and the numbers never lie.

Tara Crooks is the site owner and editor of She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. She is a PROUD Army Wife and WAHM! In addition, she also owns the website

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