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* Promoting Your Website: Keywords for Google Adwords
Posted May 13, 2004 - 04:15 AM
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Advertising Techniques Increase your ROI and boost click-throughs by following these simple steps.
Running an advertising campaign with Google Adwords can be frustrating and expensive if you don’t do your homework first.

The biggest mistake newcomers (and even some veterans) make is bidding on common popular keywords. You know, the obvious ones (mortgage, loan, etc.) that big companies spend big bucks on.

To compete you need to be smarter and find the keywords they overlook. Taking the time up front to carefully choose your keywords can make
all the difference. Since you are most likely on a tight budget, you will not be able to outbid the big-shots for the most common keywords.

1. Brainstorm ideas. Write down all the possible words that describe your product. Write down its features and benefits.

2. Using the words from the previous step, go to
to use Overture’s free Search Term Sugestion Tool to gauge their popularity and find even more keyword combinations.

3. Next, go to Overture’s free Bid Tool at
and see what the current bids are for your keywords. This will tell you how popular the keywords are from an advertising perspective.

4. When you find a keyword that returned a lot searches from the Search Tool, and had a very low bid on the Bid Tool – you know you found a winner!

5. Don’t overlook common misspellings. Many times surfers will type quickly and misspell a word without even knowing it! Other times, the keyword is just hard to spell. Examples include skiis vs skis, loan vs laon, mortgage vs mortgage, etc.

6. Be sure to use keyword combinations without the space ( homeloan, tennisshoes, etc.).

Overture’s KeyWord Search Tool and Bid Tool are free tools to help you find your niche keywords at bargain prices.

An automated tool to research keyword popularity and save you a lot of time is the AdwordAnalyzer ( With AdWordAnalyzer, you simply enter a single keyword and it will return the search combinations of that keyword for the past month. It will tell you how often those words were searched and most importantly, it will tell you how many Google and Overture campaigns are using that same keyword combination.

Whether you use Overture’s free tools such or decide to purchase the AdWordAnalyzer, the important thing to remember is to research your keyword terms before starting your campaign!

David Enfield publishes Home Business Tips and Tricks, a newsletter dedicated to supporting the home entrepreneur. To subscribe visit
Your subscription will include 4 free reports!

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