real estate investing

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* real estate investing
Posted May 17, 2004 - 03:26 AM
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Making Money Tips Get Started Investing in Real Estate
In order for you to get started in real estate investing, you definitely need a plan. Here, I have laid out a 28 day plan, that if you will follow, you too will be on your way to becoming a profitable real estate investor! This is just a blueprint.

There is enough real estate information out there to sink a battleship. You need to focus all this information and turn it into action. You need persistent continuous action for your own personal wealth. Hang in there and follow the plan.

Days 1 to 7
Learn the mechanics of real estate deals. You want to be able to “pencil out” a deal that is profitable to you! Learn what to say to people when you talk to them. You want to be able to convey all the benefits for working with YOU. This part is going to take a considerable amount of study. Get a good course that will lay down the ground work for your study. There’s nothing better than an organized way to learn something. You either need the discipline to do this yourself, or purchase it.

Days 8 - 14
After you’ve learned a few techniques of how to profit in real estate investing you must get down to the nitty-gritty contracts. Don’t be afraid of them because they’re called “contracts”. Always refer to them as “paperwork” or “agreements” or “forms”. There is a psychological advantage to this. You should practice filling out all the agreements that you plan to use.

Days 15 - 21
Step up your marketing. If you’re on a budget, you’ll need to be creative. Use fliers and signs to get the word out. Major newspapers (which will give you a great return) will have to wait, because they tend to be VERY expensive. If you can find your local thrifty paper, you’ll need to put your ad in that, and keep it there. When you use newspaper ads people, you will get plenty of calls.

Days 22 - 28
Start following up with the motivated sellers that call you! One of these motivated seller is going to like what you have to say. Congratulations! Your FIRST deal! You are now a real estate investor!

See how you too can profit in real estate investing using
creative techniques in Charlise Mandeville’s Fast Cash Lease
Option Course.

In less than 30 days you can profit
in Real Estate Investing!

Follow the step-by-step formula to Lease Option Success!!

Be excited about your goals, continuous action every day, and looking at every change, every little improvement, and every little moment of great effort where you stick to learning and marketing and hang in there. You want to be aware that you’re going to hit a plateau and get excited about that plateau – realizing that things are happening that I don’t quite see yet. It all starts out with desire, dedication and determination.
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real estate investing | Login/Create an account | 1 Comment
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Re: (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on May 26, 2004 - 02:09 PM
It is the first part, namely selling yourself (First seven days) that is most difficult. It requires 180 degrees turn for a born reticent person. Difficult to accomplish!

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