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Gaining Subscribers Trust
Date: Wednesday, May 12 @ 04:30:28
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Unless you get your subscribers to trust you won‘t make nearly what you could be with your opt-in list, period.
This is the MOST important part of building your list!

I repeat.. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of building your list!!!

Even if you have 20,000 subscribers and send them offers o­n a bi-weekly basis, you won’t see the results you’d expected… Unless you get your subscribers to trust you won‘t make nearly what you could be with your opt-in list, period!!

Below I list a few ways to do just that! Get them to trust you enough to almost always read, and buy from you!!


I know I know, those dreaded word of "writing" .. YUCK!! But seriously, there is some kind of special magic when a subscriber reads an article that you publish, that has been written by YOU!

If your subscriber reads your articles, before long they will consider you an “expert” of whatever it is you are writing about, especially if you provide free up to date information that's useful! They are also more likely to trust someone who puts forth the effort in creating their own materials, rather than use just an older article that has probably been used before by someone that they are completely unaware of, or have read that old out-dated article 4 times previous to YOUR broadcast…

Provide Useful Information!

This o­ne is probably o­ne of the more common sense parts, but a very necessary tool for building your subscribers trust!

It’s just common sense that people want quality information… For example, as soon as an ezine that I’m subscribed to starts lacking, or doesn’t provide a sense of useful information that an average person would like, I unsubscribe… It may be cruel, it may not be your same procedures… But that’s the way I feel.. I am still currently subscribed to 62 ezines that provide useful information, quality resources! 99% of the writers of the 62 ezines have a great personality, are down to earth, and have an awesome/creative approach to their ezine, which is why I am still a subscriber to their ezines and still wait for their next publication.

If you provide useful information that people need/want, they will build a never ending trust that will ( in the backend ) earn you much more money from the products you recommend!

Just be who you are .. YOURSELF!

This is o­ne of the absolute most important parts of gaining your subscribers trust by FAR!! When you're writing them, just be yourself. Don't try to be something you're not. Don't pretend to know stuff you don't..

If you buy a product and you don't like it very much, don't lie to them just to get a fast buck. Be upfront and honest! Tell them that you think the product/service wasn't the greatest because _________... Tell them what you thought it lacked, what you thought it needed more of..

A very important thing to remember is to give both good and bad review of products. People hate buying bad products and services. What better way to build your subscribers trust than by telling them to stay away from some products or services that you feel would NOT be beneficial for them to use or try! I love it when I'm o­n the edge about a product I want to buy, and then I get a product review from a name I can TRUST, that says "Stay Away!!".. I'm surely gonna listen to her from now o­n!! :)

Make Personal Recommendations - NOT Advertisements

Many many many ( ok, you get the point.. ) writers overlook this completely… They stuff their ezine with mostly ads that ANY reader can obviously see right through. If you have more than 2 ads in your ezine, I would not be surprised that you have at least 3 people unsubscribe from your list a day every single time you send out a publication. I sure as "h-e double hockey sticks" would. I don’t want ads coming in the way of me reading good ol’ useful stuff that I personally need/want!

The best, 100% fool-proof way to send your list something that ( you will make a profit o­n ) you want them to read, is by a personal recommendation. You should NEVER use the exact same copy the affiliate program says for you to use.. Why is that you may ask? It's very simple.. If they ( affiliate programs ) are showing you their ads to advertise with, they are showing their ENTIRE AFFILIATE database the same dag gone ads. How effective is that really gonna be? Besides, most affiliate programs sugar coat their ads, or even worse, completely hype them up to make people “buy now” as they say…

What I fully recommend is you get to know the product you want to sell, get to know the affiliate program, and WRITE up a personal recommendation about it. Tell them why they would benefit from it, how you personally have benefited from it, etc.. Don’t just send them the features.. So what? Yeah it has tons of features.. Zzzzzz… Zzzzzz… BORING!!! Tell them the ways they can BENFEIT from these features!

A great way to go about a personal recommendation letter to your list is very, very simple. Simply do this…

1) First things first… Say hello, hey, hiya, whatever…
2) Tell them you came across so-and-so product/service/program
3) Tell them why it intrigued YOUR interest
4) Tell them how it benefited YOU
5) Tell them why you believe they should check it out
6) Say you completely back this product up (only if you really do! )
7) In a NON-hype-ish way, give them the features and tell them how it’d --benefit-- them
8) Get ready to start earning money cuz this kind-of letter WORKS!!

Give Them What They Want

This sounds kinda simple right? Well, that’s not entirely true. Sometimes it can be very hard to give the readers the “exact” type of information that they want.. I mean, you’re not a mind reader right? Well, I have the perfect solution for ya!!

Simply send a separate broadcast out and ask them what they want! Provide them with about 5 or more options, and an *other ( for options that have not been pointed out ) for them to choose from. Simply ask them to take o­ne minute from their busy schedule and email you their #1 answer..

It’s incredibly easy, and it’s the number o­ne way for them to get what they want! You can even use to provide a web based survey form that they could fill out. This is another awesome way to know exactly what they want!!

Getting your subscribers to trust you and your ezine shouldn't be any harder than talking with your mother, your best friend, your dog or cat ( yeah.. alot of people do, just admit it! )... The main thing to do, is give them useful up-to-date information, treat them with respect, and treat them to you.. Being open, honest, and respectful to them o­nly has GOOD effects, trust me!! You will see success, it just takes a little effort o­n your part!

To Your opt-in list building success!

Warmest Regards,
Jason Gazaway

Jason Gazaway is the author of "Fastlane Profits", an Free Brandable eBook dedicated in showing you how to build a profitable opt-in list. Grab your branded copy today at !!

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